Friday, October 15, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous

Well, it's Friday. It's been a crazy week and a surgery thrown into the mix to boot.  However, w/ all the ups and downs this week, I still managed to lose 2 lbs.  It's nothing to write home about but hey, it IS losing so I forge forward.  To be honest, I really thought I might have gained this week.  I have been keeping up w/ calories and think that helps.  It made me think twice when at the hospital.  I had only had a banana that morning but it was a trailer full of junk stuff.  I ended up getting gatorade & a pack of gum to tide me over versus going for that Tastycake I so desperately wanted.  LOL.  But, that tells me I'm becoming more aware and that's a good thing for sure.  I have not worked out everyday this week and that is bothersome to me.  Yet, I have worked out.  So, when all is said & done, I will have done cardio  four times out of the week.  I would like to shoot for 7 times but in this house, it may not happen and I will just have to accept that and change it when I can.  For now, I have lost 2 lbs.  I plan to do the same for next week as well.  I like keeping a calorie count for sure.  Well, need to get going.  Think Warren will take the kids tomorrow.  We'll see.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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