Friday, October 8, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous

Okay, it's time to do these posts again and definitely time to get back in shape.  I fell off the wagon folks.  It happens.  BUT, this time I'm ready to tackle the weightloss game full force.  Biggest Loser is a huge motivator as well as the fact that my cousin lost 140 lbs and is loving life.  Plus, my neighbor tipped me off on a thing that she started doing and so far she's lost 27 lbs.  So, it is good ol' diet and exercise for me.  In addition, have to get serious about the calorie counting.  So, my neighbor joined an online group called  You can track everything on there.  It's free and she said it really became an eye opener for her.  So, today was my first log in day.  And,though I really wanted a snack, I looked at my calorie count and figured there was no way that was happening w/ still saving room for dinner.  So, I've had water but still very hungry. LOL.  It tells me to keep the calories at 1400 a day.  Will even log in your exercising results and such.   Can't wait to see how it will work for me.  I'll keep you all posted on progress.  I plan to weigh in every Friday.  Exercise program will be getting more intense for me for sure.  I did cardio this week but not everyday like I had hoped.  I can't wait to track my progress.  Got to go.  More in a bit.  Kids just got home but waiting for the other bus that Bojan is temporarily on to come home.  Our yard is NOT conducive to getting him up & down that hill.  It's nuts.  More info coming soon.  I can just say it is never dull around here.

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