Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is coming

Finally, fall may be here.  Living in the south, it's hard some times to figure out when summer ends or begins for that matter.  It's been in the high 90's even just this past week.   Finally, I think fall has arrived.  We enjoy Fall here.  LOVE summer, but really enjoy Fall as well.  The humidity goes down and so does the temperature.  Being in the 70's here is refreshing.  Our windows are finally opened this week.  Okay, so the windows that aren't broken are opened this week.  Still enough opened to feel the wonderful breezes and sense that fresh air passing through the entire house.  Just a sweet feeling to me.  Our home is surrounded by trees no matter what window you look out.  So, during this time you look out and see a rainbow of fall colors in the trees.  It is just splendid to witness.  Birds flying across a clear blue sky as you stare at leaves of bright orange, red and yellow.  We no longer have to have Alex constantly wear a wet bandana or worry about him passing out due to heat.  It's great.  We tend to do some projects in the fall as well.  This year it will be to get the girls' rooms done upstairs.  It's an undertaking for sure.  It was already supposed to be done but life got in the way.  The Fall just brings a new perspective to things.  You tend to be more family centered as you spend more time together indoors doing a variety of things such as:

Like making carmel apples!  I let the "littles"(for newbies, this is the name I call the kids I sit for during the day) go with me to the produce stand and pick out apples for them and our kids.  Here's the first batch we made w/ the "littles", Irina and Max.  Do those look appetizing or what for a fall day?!

Okay, you have to click on this picture and make it bigger.  Please, do it.  Tell me that doesn't make you want to go out and get some apples and carmel.  Yum is all I can think of right now.  

This is Irina showing off her talents of making a candy apple.  Tonight, she is off w/ one of her friends at a Sugarland concert.  I actually think this is her first concert.  Hope she has fun.

Another thing we like doing in Fall is having dinner together at the table inside.  We also tend to play jokes on each other here and there.

The other day I made spaghetti.  I put roaches underneath all their pieces of bread.  Gave strict instructions NOT to touch the plates that we were for once going to sit down together at the same time and say the blessing at the same time.  so, who do you think looked first?  Not the one above.  Nope.  It was Yana.  Screams a plenty and laughter from the rest of the bunch once they realized they were fake.  

Just posted this b/c I think she looks like a little elf here.  

And, more time for goofing off at the table in the fall.  Alex is a pro at it.

Another thing we love to do in the fall is pick out pumpkins.  The kids actually weren't w/ me when we got these.  They'll help pick out the next batch.  They are HUGE.  I know you can't tell my the picture but Bear is 125 lbs  dog.  The pumkin is about half as tall as he is.  You literally can't get your arms around the ones on the right.  Incredible and gorgeous pumpkins.  We won't carve them for a few weeks yet.  

Another thing we love about fall is having our annual Halloween Parties.  Okay, so we don't quite get to them every year.  This year, we do plan on it though for sure.  We are doing two separate parties this year.  One for the teens and one for the little kids.  The teens will invite friends over for a Halloween Dinner party and then a scary movie viewing outside in the yard.  Inside if it's raining.  For the elementary kids, we let them invite anyone and everyone.  Literally.  The most we've had at a party has been a little over 50 kids.  Umm, won't even comment on that one.  Anyhow, they come in costume, we bob for apples, do a toilet paper mummy wrap, limbo usually and a few other games.  Lots of fun and running around outside for sure.  What we've done in the past is invite anyone & everyone.  We ask for them to just show up and have fun.  We give them the option to make a donation to the orphanage.  What I do is usually ask for a necessity item or "fun" item.  One year it was gum & socks.  Typically, instead of just one pair, folks will bring an entire pack.  It's wonderful.  We box it all up and ship it off.  $100 to ship these boxes btw.  Try to pick light stuff.  however, the puzzles one year had the post office scared to death.  Umm yeh, I forgot they shake like bomb parts...dumb me.  So, no more puzzles.  LOL.  Anyhow, this year I will obviously ask for donations for the Bulgarian Orphanages.  Have to find out what they need though.  Money would definitely be easier as it's cheaper to purchase things over there.  We'll see.  

Those are just a few of the fun things we love about fall and doing together.  The fall colors are just beautiful...

Flowers of bright things to come in the fall.  Can't wait for all our fall happenings.  Though we were planning on hiking in October, that will not be happening w/ two surgeries.  So, looks like November for some great outdoor adventures.  Can't wait to share with you all our fall happenings.  We have had wonderful church gatherings, we'll have friends gathering here, and neighbors will be gathering soon as well.  We're planning on doing some type of neighborhood Harvest Festival in November.  More of a giant neighborhood outdoor picnic.  Can't wait. Also would love to hear of some of your fall activities.  So much fun to look forward to.  Nice change of season.

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  1. Hi there! I'm Leah and just found your blog tonight. I am part of CTR (Connecting the Rainbow) and was in the Bulgarian orphanages in April. Underwear and socks, especially for kids over age 5, are a HUGE need. However, it is MUCH cheaper to buy them there! We about about 30 pr of underwear and maybe 50 pr of socks for under $75 from at one of the markets there. I think we bought out one shopkeeper completely! She probably hadn't sold that many prs of underwear in the entire month prior. She was tickled pink!!! The orphanage director was thrilled to get them. Nobody donates stuff for the older kids. Our translator took us to the market to find what we needed. Also, ear thermometers are a good idea (we bought two of them for an orphanage in Serbia when they specifically requested them.)