Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dentist visits

This week a total of 5 of my kids went to the dentist.  We go to a wonderful pediatric dentist who has supported our adoptions for years now.  BTW, he does humanitarian dental work on Moldovian orphans every single summer!  Takes his own team and pays for the entire trip and crew & equipment.  This guy has a heart for orphans, it is clear.  Anyhow, we went today  as well as on Tuesday.  Tuesday Max & Alex went.  No cavities.  No work needed.  Today, I took Irina, Bojan and Nik.  Irina had no cavities and only needs her sealants retouched.  Bojan had no cavities and needs no work done.  Nik needs two baby teeth pulled to make room for the permanent teeth.  Though, I don't think he'll need this work as one of them is totally loose & I'm sure the other will be as well before January.  Nik does have his first cavity though.  Bummer.  Dentist said you can barely see it but he wants to go ahead and fill it anyhow.  All the work for Irina and Nik is scheduled for January. 

Was a busy day for errands.  I had the four "littles" in tow as well as mine.  All did really well & I was quite proud of all the kids.  Came home from all the errands and dropping some of the kids back off at school.  Being that Irina had just an hour left of high school, I just kept her home for that hour.  After a very late lunch, I received a phone call.  NOT good news and I am not allowed to elaborate at this time.  Just allowed to worry.  LOL.  I promise I will share all details of this adoption once adoptions are completed.  Just know we have tons of thinking to do right now and hoping it doesn't come down to a big decision.  On the up side, our dossier will be submitted as soon as that I-800A approval comes in the mail.  If it is like most of them lately, that will come in about 2 weeks-- mid-November.  Keeping fingers & toes crossed that the current "glitch" works itself out.  Don't mean to be vague but you all know how adoptions are.  Hey, it's a sign we're getting closer, right?  What I'm thinking of doing is posting some of our past adoption experiences on here.  Something I haven't done for quite some time.  Actually, never done it on here.  Reason I want to do that is because there tends to be ups & downs in every adoption.  At least that has been our experience.  Bojan's adoption, we got hit w/ the biggest snow storm of the century.  Literally.  Yana & Alex's, we experienced extreme corruption and lying.  Irina & Max's adoptions we had the hottest days EVER on record in country.  We had news crews following us around.  It was truly nuts for our first adoptions.  Alyona & Nik's were full of surprises too.  Yet, the kids all made it home safe and sound.  All were the kids we originally intended to adopt.  All of them.  So, even though we are facing some major changes in our adoption plans and major issues, we are tackling everything as we have w/ every other adoption we've done...all the gusto we can muster!  Forward it is.  No turning back.  No backing down.  No backing down.  So, those past adoption posts will come at some point in time.  Since there's  no homework tonight, they may come this evening.  It would help take my mind off some things right now.  Never even occurred to me my MRI is bright and early tomorrow too.  But, no big deal as it's just the knee.  Anyhow, lots on my mind right now.  Haven't even thought of dinner yet.  We'll get there.  Teens have a youth group lock in tomorrow and Bojan has a Halloween Party to go to.  More to come on here.  I told you all November is going to be a very busy month.  And, it's not even here yet!  Enjoy your evening. 

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