Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bits & pieces

Since the surgery has taken almost all my posts up the last few days, I figured I'd catch you all up on some Chaos Manor happenings and adoption news.  Okay, our dossier is in Bulgaria.  Bulgarian agency has requested we redo our medicals so that the date of the medical exam & date of the letter are all the same.  Also, due to NC changing the child abuse clearance check law & then changing it back, we have to add another letter to that.  I'm clarifying a few things first and hopefully will get both those underway tomorrow.    Hoping w/ those two pieces that they requested, then we can submit the dossier.  The big question is whether or not they'll let us submit our dossier w/out the I-800A approval.  Some families are doing this, some aren't.  Don't have a rhyme or reason as to why some can and some can't but in adoption, you go w/ the flow and try not to be resentful.  I know that sounds horrible, but truly who wouldn't want to get on over there and meet their children to be as soon as possible?  So, we have to wait and see.  IF we are able to go ahead and submit, I am gathering from other families that travel happens rather quickly after the referrals are given.  IF we have to wait for I-800A approval, travel is a ways out.  Our appt. for biometrics is Oct. 26th.  Listening to others, approval takes about 2 weeks after that.  That brings you into mid-November.  Only time will tell how this all plays out.  I just know I'm anxious as everyone else that is waiting during an adoption.  Just ready to go.  LOL.  I'm this way w/ every adoption.  Then, I get to the travel date and wish I had more time to prepare.  So, I get these two things done... again, then it is onto waiting some more.  I have heard various things about being able to get USCIS prints done early but don't know how true that is.  I will definitely give it a shot.  That's for sure. 

The house.  Oy.  Well, roof is still a mess.   Just needs to hold till spring if at all possible.   Doesn't look possible though.  Good news is the big leak was coming from the upstairs toilet.  Warren ripped the wall down and got that fixed & taken care of.  We have also realized for awhile that there is no way this home will be big enough to house us all in  a few years.  There was a home they did this past week on Extreme Home Makeover for a family that had adult children w/ Downs Syndrome.  That is exactly what we need.  The house was awesome as it had individual "houses" w/in  a house.  Each one unique.  With many of our kids not able to live independently once adults, this would be ideal.  So, we are trying to fix our home up as we can and plan on putting it on the market in the spring.  We are hoping we'd be able to build but also know there are no guarantees in today's market w/ lending and such for new construction.  Playing it by ear.  New dormer windows are on order.  It is a triple window for the front top of the house.  Though we installed the garage windows w/ friends on our own to save money, there is no way w/ the angles that we can do this one w/out a professionals help.  The rest of the windows we can patch on our own.  The garage ones and the triple dormer window were rotted beyond repair and would eventually effect things structurally so we had to do something. 

Health wise.  I think I've reported enough about Bojan.  LOL.  He's doing fine now.  Post op is this coming week.  One thing I haven't said is we've found a lump on his chest.  It is not a normal thing, that part we know.  We discovered it the night before surgery.  well, Bojan did.  So, getting that checked out as soon as he's healed up w/ this a bit.  My uneducated guess is a cyst of some sort.  That's an easy fix if that's what it is.  Time will tell. 

Max is very healthy.  He loves working out w/ weights now.  He's still eating like a horse but he is 15yo.  Not over weight at all and doing great health wise. 

Alex.  Alex is overall healthy.  He has started to gain some weight.  max did the same exact thing at his age.  See, he and Max are on some very potent meds.  One of the side effects is weight gain.  Some kids on these meds have gained as much as 100 lbs in a month!  That is why our kids are monitored every 3 months by the neurologist.  So, we are watching his weight gain closely but seems to be happening like it did w/ Max.  Preteen age mixed w/ the hormones, mixed w/ the brain chemistry changes of the meds make things interesting.  Neuro is not worried either about Alex's "pudge" and said it's normal at 10/ 11 years old to do this.  His friends come over and they look the same way!  Just our family has to make sure it's not the meds you know?  Anyhow, he's definitely NOT sedentary.  cAn't get the little bugger to sit still to save my life. 

Nik.  Nik is also very healthy.  His asthma seems to be non-existent.  He is on singulair but I'm not the best at giving it to him every night.  Asthma seems to effect him more in winter than summer anyways.  Nik's surgery is coming up but save that till next week.  Nik doesn't seem to have eczema any more either.  He is also healthy. 

Alyona has grown but still not much.  I'm just happy she's out of the toddler sizes finally.  Alyona is healthy as well. 

Yana is healthy and runs almost daily a couple miles.  She wants to join track & is well on her way I'd say.  She is thin but not a deathly thin, just a runner's thin.  Trust me, she eats.  LOL.  

Irina is okay.  She has severe sinus issues and has already had major major sinus surgery & other things done to her nose.  We were told her bone was broken. Remember, she came from an orphanage that could not take them to the hospital for emergencies b/c they did not have a car. We bought them a van for our orphanage donation/ fees.  This was years ago in a remote village.  Can't do that nowadays.  Anyhow, her broken nose & stuff has caused her major issues w/ breathing.  Again, she's already had 2 surgeries but can't rule out another surgery in her future.  Our biggest concern w/ Irina right now is massive weight gain.  We're talking a couple pounds a week.  Neurologist said it's not the meds.  True, she's been on the same meds for years and nothing ever happened before.  We just had her to the regular doc and they tested her thyroid but it was normal.  So, may head to endocrinology.  She's not eating mountains of stuff to justify the amount of the weight gain.  So, trying to figure it out.  Anyone run into this before, do send ideas my way.  It' s making her very upset for sure, especially since her sister is in a runner's body right now.  Just want her healthy, that's all.  She's still as active.  I'm sure we'll figure it out soon. I just don't see how the doc's aren't concerned at all about it. 

Bear is doing okay.  He seems to have slowed down a bunch since last weekend.  We never did take him to the vet to see if he had a stroke her not.  Right now,he seems okay.  He is spending more time outside now that it's cooler.  We love our Teddy Bear. 

We're hoping to go this week or next week to fix Irina & Max's social security card mess.  We will then find out which agency knows what they are talking about... social security administration or immigration.  See, immigration told us all we need to fix their social security cards(so they don't read like their illegals), is a US passport.  Called SS office this week.  Passport wont' do. They need naturalization papers.  Umm, we don't have them & immigration said passport would suffice to prove that.  Our kids (2 of them) came home before the Citizenship Act of 2000 so they do not have a COC.  I'm sure it will get interesting at the social security office.  We both must be present.  I can't go on my own w/ the kids.  Keep you all posted how that all turns out. 

More going on here but those are a few items.  School is  a huge one so I'll get to that in a separate post. 

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