Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barbies, baby wearing & bouncing

It's a Monday and I still have a lot going on.  Typical.  I was under the weather today so canceled an IEP meeting.  Hate doing that but Bojan was up last night throwing up w/ a severe headache.  He was fine this morning but made for a very long night especially, after feeling so rough to begin with.  Agency called today wanting to know where new docs are.  Well, homestudy agency sent me the child abuse letter but it did not have our names written as they appear on the passport.  My husband goes by his middle name Warren, not by his first name.  Easy mistake.  But, still has to be corrected and they are great at fixing things and are very timely in that area.  So, I'll have that back in my hands tomorrow or Wednesday.  USCIS fingerprints are Oct. 26th.  Only thing to take care of is redoing the Dr.'s letter.  Easier said than done.  Going this week to sort that one out.  That my friends is going to be one big mess.   Keep you posted as I know others get issues on their medicals as well.  Ours is a date issue.

Going through some pics from last week so thought I'd share.  I'll start w/ the barbies.  What girl doesn't like Barbies?

And boys!  LOL.  Just kidding.  Alex is all boy and was taking all the stuff on the stairs to the proper places upstairs.  Alex loves this hat for whatever reason and wears it all the time.  Even to bed. 

this is Alyona and Nik playing baby dolls.  They love being nurturing.  I'm guessing part of it is due to all the lacking of nurturing they didn't have growing up in the orphanage.  Nik took the booster seat at the dining table and took out the strap.  He strapped the baby doll to himself so he could be a baby wearing daddy.  Of course, their other make believe playing is always dogs.  Go figure.  I think these two will do just fine w/ another little sibling in the house.  How about you?
As some of you know, the girls and I love to go to yardsales and bargin shop.  And, every once in awhile you find something interesting that you normally wouldn't purchase in a store.  Last weekend, we found a pogo stick.  I can't tell you how much fun everyone has had with this thing.  

they have had the best time bouncing and bouncing and bouncing.  You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.  

Each kid took a turn.  They all still play with it.  Neighbors must think we're nuts with all the outside stuff my kids do.  LOL.  

Tonight, we are planning on attending our very first FAS support group in this area.  Well, NOT in this area but close enough we can drive to it.  And, they let you take the kids.  Big plus as that is the main reason we can't go to most support groups...no kids.  Umm, most parents would be able to do that or arrange a sitter but with FAS kids, it doesn't work that way.  I'm looking forward to the meeting and hoping to learn a little something too.  Okay, speech therapist is here.  She comes Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Wonderful.  More pics and updates to come soon.  Just been super duper busy this week and under the weather.

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