Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Attempt at Martha Stewart....

FAILED!!!  Yes sir, it failed miserably.  I thought I'd try to be creative and make Halloween pancakes last weekend w/ the help of these cute little cutters I have.  I knew from the get go, I was in trouble here.

Many mistakes on here.  From over filling to not knowing how to flip them.  There are more designs but I thought these two would be the easiest to start out with.  LOL.

No, that is not another bat.  That is part of the same bat.   These things definitely have a learning curve.  

My children had much fun at my expense.  Max and Bojan goofing off here w/ what was supposed to be a bat pancake.  Now, it's just a decapitated pancake.  Again, just goes to prove to you all (as if you didn't realize it before), I am no Martha Stewart.  Have a great day.  Rest of farm post  at some point.  Homework calls. 

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