Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alyona's Science Fair

We've had so much happening the last few days, I haven't even had the chance to catch up w/ last week's stuff.  Crazy few days and hopefully have a catch up post at some point.  This is about Alyona's Science Fair that her class held.  Keep in mind, she is in a self-contained classroom setting so they do things a little differently.  I have a whole post I'm working on about all the school situations.  I really like Alyona's teacher and how she is doing things w/ their learning.  Kind of like what we did in homeschool here.  Pick an unit and combine many facets of learning in it.  Math, science, spelling, etc.  Works for Alyona and many of the kids like her.  Anyhow, they recently spent a few weeks on a plant unit and displayed what they did all over the classroom.  The kids grew some things too.  Little party followed.  Here are a few pictures from it:

Alyona w/ one of the "littles" I watch.  Yes, the two year old is almost as big as my 11 year old.  LOL.  They love playing dress up as soon as Alyona gets home from school.  Alyona can hardly stand the wait of getting two younger sisters in this family.  I think she's ready.  

Doesn't help that we're trying to keep sugar away from our FASers.  Too much temptation.  So, we let them dig in at parties.  Sure enough, Alyona did not eat her dinner that evening.  This btw, was when Nik took the camera for awhile.  I was trying to distract him from his pain as this was the day he was being weened off the codiene.  

Another Nik picture.  This is Alyona's work.  She disguised her pumpkin as a flower and then wrote about it.  She did an excellent job for sure.  Very nicely done and was proud that she came up w/ FULL sentences on her own.  Quite the accomplishment.  

Alyona's class w/ some of their work.  Again, Nik took this shot.  They all did a superb job as well as the teachers.  Love it.  Do you see where I'm going to have problems soon though???  Alyona is one of 2 girls in her class and the other girl is getting ready to move to another house, different school most likely.  Alyona will be the lone girl and hate that for her.  Please Bulgaria, we need to get there soon!!!  

Glad I was able to attend even if for a short while.  Nik was on his second day after surgery and in a bit of pain so we only stayed an hour and went home.  Kids love it when I come to their functions and I think it's important every once in awhile to go.  Lots going on at Chaos Manor.  I will do a bits and pieces post later today and a fill in of all that's going on around these parts.  Have a wonderful deay. 

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