Monday, September 20, 2010

What's up... inside the home???

I recently did a post on some of our outdoor happenings, I thought it was time for some indoor shots of what we've been up to lately.  So, here goes.

We've been busy going through closets to see what fits and what does not.  I think Alyona finally grew some, how about you??  I have never rejoiced as much as when my daughter finally came out of toddler sizes at age 11yo.  

Irina listening to some music while she writes a letter.  Later, I found out this letter was to me!  How sweet.  She changed her hair color & doesn't like it.  Told her it wouldn't work but sometimes, they must learn lessons the hard way.   She did.  

Why is Yana smiling?  Because Bear is finally clean!  See, Bear is  an almost 13yo dog who is arthritic, has tumors all over him, is 125 lbs., etc.  We can not bathe him like we used to in our tub.  He has to now go to the petstore to get groomed.  Hence, why it doesn't happen often any more as it is just too expensive.  Frustrating to say the least as we used to do all his grooming ourselves.   But, Bear is just too old & we're honestly afraid we'd hurt him accidentally if we did it hear.  Comes a time when it is best to leave it to the professionals.  I think even Bear felt better this go around.  though, he can't wait to leave Petsmart.  LOL.  

This is a bruise from nothing more than stupidity.  I'm serious.  He stuck a lightbulb suction cup thingy to his forehead, pulled it off, and voila...hickey.  He had to go to school like this for a couple of days.  I'm hoping he won't ever do it again.  Problem was...monkey see, monkey do.  Nik did the same as Bojan and had a matching one.  I swear we do watch these kids of ours.  LOL.  Just not every single second which is apparently what they need to prevent acts of stupidity.  Hey, at least he had a sense of humor about it.

Some kind folks gave us this costume.  How generous!  Alyona absolutely loves it!  We're going to make it fit a little better and she wants a fan with it.  Too cute.  Can't wait to fix her up for Halloween.  We have so much fun here on Halloween.  More to come on those plans a bit later.   

Max, our oldest son, waiting for the school bus to come.  he's becoming so big.  That giggly little toddler is gone.  They do grow up way too fast.  Baby dolls and diaper bags on the stairs are a nice touch, right?  LOL.  

These two are always doing stuff like this to try to get the other one to laugh.  usually, everyone else is laughing.  These two boys really are very, very close.  Max is 15 and Bojan is 11 but they are on the same level in a lot of ways.  Glad that they have this closeness for sure as it is so hard for kids with FAS to have friends.  So, having a close brother helps immensely.  Makes you wonder who's brillant idea the suction cup thingy was,huh?  I promise one day I'm actually going to take a shot w/ out stuff all over the floor.  

Hope you enjoyed a little inside the house catch up photos.  I'll have more photos this week I'm sure as Wednesday is Yana's birthday.  Yikes!  15yo.  Have a wonderful week everyone. 

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