Sunday, September 5, 2010

What we do after school

Our routine after school is not the easiest to accomplish.  I watch kids during the day and then my kids start coming home at 3pm. Other kids leave around 4 for 2 of them and 5 for the other 2.  My kids come home at 3, 3:30, and 4:30.  We do not do sports in the fall so don't have that stuff during the week.  We will be doing youth group though, working at Peacehaven 2 weekends a month, hiking one weekend a month & whatever other activities tend to pop up.  And trust me, they do.

First, all the kids get home and get settled.  We have snack only after I check their lunch boxes.  Max usually has his homework done when he gets home as he wants to be ready in case they call him to work.  (he works occasionally for the guy across the street doing some yard work and such).  So, Max will usually play w/ one of the "littles" who is more than happy to finally see another male in the household.  LOL.  Poor little guy is surrounded by baby dolls all day w/ all the girls in the house.  If Max is not playing w/ one of the "littles,"  he is drawing.  His passion of course.

Max drew his school mascot.  His teacher asked him to draw a "buff" ram.  This is what he did.  She found out he could draw so asked him to.  I think it turned out great. 

This was his original drawing.  notice how he spelled the name of his school?  yep, wrong.  But instead of just adding an 'e,' he made a whole other picture.  Just don't get that.  

While the older kids are doing that, I'm still making sure the little kids are fine and playing.  If they're not running around, that's the time I sign papers if the older kids have any.  Since Irina is on the OCS track, I have to sign papers weekly for her to go out on jobs.  For no pay mind you.  Anyhow, everyone gets settled into the homework routine.  The teens get straight to work if they're not goofing off.

Irina, working on some Algebra.  Notice the playdough tool right next to her.  

Yeh, not much work going on.  I usually will get the younger kids to color while the older ones do homework & I sign stuff or help whatever age needs it.  Whether young ones while coloring or older ones w/ homework.  We're still all working on the afterschool routine but finding out what works and what doesn't so that's good. 

I'm also learning that I need to get dinner started earlier.   Last week we realized we hadn't fed any of us at 9 o'clock.  Is that bad?  LOL.  Last week, we were not the parents we had wanted to be for sure.  Realized Alex was missing his toothbrush(doesn't tell us for days), hadn't fed the kids until late one night & when we did fed them Mickey D's, didn't care if they even matched to get to school last week, forgot the tooth fairy mouse(don't ask) 3 times in a row, and the list goes on.  Yes, we needed a break this weekend to recoop.  And, we are.  Much organization going on inside & out of the house.  Shoot, even the dog is getting bathed.  Menu is now in place to make things a little smoother.  In other words, we're getting there.

2 days during the school work, Nik also gets private speech lessons at home.  This takes place around 7.  

Nik, practicing his speech.  

I wanted to capture him in all his excitement but he ended up doing this the little stinker.  This was the night he finally learned to say the word 'no.'  Wtihout an 'm' sound.  I know I'll regret this later....him learning to say no.  He can also say Nik now.  Very proud.

At the end of a long day, you best not fall asleep in this house.  Poor Alex was the victim of his siblings' mayhem.  This happens nightly.  Not the stickers but Alex falling asleep.  School just doesn't understand his issues.  Kid gets home, all bottled up w/ energy w/ no release as he has to do homework he doesn't understand.  More frustration.  He has only a 2 hour window to get homework done, play, get a bath, eat dinner before he ends up like this.  Working on a solution and no, playing first definitely doesn't work as we've tried that one.  

Kids start going to bed at 8 though Alex is usually out by 7.  Alyona & Nik go at 8 though they'd stay up all night if you let them.  BTW, FAS kids do need a lot of sleep.  Bojan goes at 9.  The rest are allowed to go to bed at 10 as they're older teens.  Though Irina goes to bed at 8 as well.  Problem we have is Bojan and Max stay up at chit chat & act out movies at all hours.  

Just thought I'd share some of our after school routine.  Nothing special.  It's Labor Day Weekend.  I'm one of these early risers no matter if it is a day off or not.  I've been typing this while my entire family is sleeping. Lucky dogs.  It's 9:10 & I've been up since 6:45.  Oh well.  It's a beautiful day out& going for a walk this morning to enjoy it.  Scrambled eggs, a neighborhood walk, and take Bear to get groomed.  And more organizing.  We're thinking of doing something w/ the kids tomorrow but honestly, everyone really seems to need this rest.  We're going to an amputee camp thing next weekend on Saturday & Sunday is church.  So, having a mindless, organizing, relaxing day tomorrow instead of going somewhere may make sense.  We'll see.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  We are.

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