Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We...are...approved!!!! (sort of)

Finally.  Our homestudy was finalized today & should be on the fedex truck right now headed to the placing agency.  For those following, we were missing one reference letter & as soon as that was received, everything went full speed ahead.  Wahoo!!!  We are on a time crunch deadline and still wishing & hoping and praying w/ all my might that this will all fall into place as it is supposed to.  The homestudy was the last missing piece of the dossier for Bulgaria.  Tonight, Warren and I will double check our I-800A form to make sure all is in order.  That would be the next hurdle.  As the I-800A is being processed, we are hoping for an official referral to come.  Though the I-800A form is part of the dossier, I've spoken w/ many families that have already come home or are in process who visited their child on their first trip w/out the I-800A approval completed.  That would be wonderful as I know it takes quite a bit of time to get approval done and it would be to the benefit of the children to get the ball rolling so to speak.  BUT, this part is totally out of our hands completely.  We comply w/ whatever they tell us to do.  Bulgaria is a new country for us. 

URGHH!!!!  Back on the rollercoaster.  Okay, earlier today homestudy agency wrote & sent me a copy of the homestudy.  Said it needed my approval AND the placing agency approval to check for corrections or see if anything else was needed.  Then, they said they'd overnight it to the placing agency if all was a-okay.  Called the placing agency today to make sure they received the homestudy email & they had.  Said they would look at it later but I reminded them the time frame they put me on here and more importantly, that we are on the EST zone and they are on the west coast.  So, our office would obviously close here earlier than the placing agency.  Hope that all made sense b/c right now my head is spinning.  Anyhow, they reassured me.  I went to the post office to mail the medicals that had been apostilled.  And yes folks, these documents had jelly all over the front of them.  NOT KIDDING!  I sat there staring at them hoping it was actually the copies I had made & not the originals.  However, being the "professional" mommy I am, I took care of it.  Can barely tell there was something on it.  Recap... peanut butter on passport apps, dog prints on some apostilled docs, and jelly on the medicals.  Yes, this is true and this is real life.  Back to the story.  I mailed off the apostilled medicals.  The last dossier docs that needed to come from us.  The homestudy was that missing piece.  I was SO happy to hear it would go out today as it was imperative.  Thought it was a done deal.  Umm, nope.  Homestudy agency just wrote me back to let me know that they hadn't heard from placing agency so they could not fedex it out today.  I'm so bummed and a mix of emotions.  Ready for it to be done but trying not to stress it.  I know tomorrow will come but I will explain later the time frame & why this is so important to get done asap.  And yes, a day could indeed make a huge difference in things. 

Good thing I'm walking tonight.  I need some fresh air & new perspective.  LOL.  Really, I'm trying to live by the rules I tell others when it comes to adoptions.  Easier said then done, I know.  But, just as the other adoptions, they all work out in their own due time.  For now, do whatever I can do or am supposed to do.  Such as the I-800A.  Other things that are out of my hands, let it go and put focus onto something else.  Like 5th grade math homework for Bojan.  Speaking of which, time to do some homework and then cook some guacomole/ salsa chicken.  Just wanted to give you all a quick update.  More to come but for now, life goes on and I must get to daily life duties.  Helping w/ homework, cooking dinner and exercising.  Pictures forthcoming from a lazy Labor Day. 

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  1. Good luck on your Home study approval. I know the stress of getting a homestudy approved - ours is complete and approved by our placing agency and social worker, however we are missing our FBI clearances. They still didn't come in the mail yet. So no approved Homestudy!! We are adopting from Estonia and are not allowed on our 1st trip until our 1-800A approval (which is already typed up and documents ready except for our approved homestudy). I feel like it is a vicious circle that we have no control over ;-(

    I wish you a speedy process and plenty of positive vibes coming your way!! ;-)
    Best Wishes,