Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thanks/ broken implant

First, wanted to say thanks for all the birthday wishes for Yana.  She did enjoy her day & I"m sure will enjoy the party more tonight.  We have to do impromptu changes already as the skating rink isn't open except for private parties tonight.  So, they may all go to the cheap seat movies this evening or pick out a movie or go skating tomorrow instead.  I think 5 of her friends are spending the night tonight.  So, we'll have all of them and all the littles and their sibs.  I think if I'm counting correctly, there will be 18 kids here tomorrow morning.  Umm, you think it could get interesting?  LOL.  It will be fine.  One of them I take to preschool.  Remainers I'll feed breakfast to.  I think Warren will be happy to go to work tomorrow morning for sure.

Nik's implant is broken.  Processor is broken.  Only implant he has, don't know how long it will be to fix it.  Working on that now.  Sending in apostilled docs to agency today.  Last of the docs w/ the exception of the I-800 approval.

Okay, started this this morning.  Kept Irina home today for obvious reasons.  She needs her TB test read today as well.  Hopefully, tonight.  Going out to dinner with Yana and her friends.  They wanted Pizza so that's where we're going.  I have to go to Wally World for the second time today.  We lucked out a few weeks ago w/ soda on sale so stocked up b/c I knew Yana and Nik's parties were coming up.  So, impromptu party will be underway soon.  Everything got mailed today that was supposed to get mailed and Warren even dropped by Castle today to get Nik's loaner implant.  Fantastic!  We'll send in the broken one in the next day or so.  Called the prosthetic place to see when Bojan's liner will be in.  Remember, he has a prosthesis that is currently too small.  So, in order to cast for the new socket, you must have the proper liner to cast over.  It won't be in for at least another 10 days.  Trouble w/ that is that will be AFTER his surgery and he'll be non-weight bearing on that leg for a few weeks.  URGHH!!!!  I know he needs the new one but this one is working for now as they grinded it out as much as possible.  What are you going to do?  We're going w/ the flow.  I'm trying to take care of as much as possible before his surgery next week.  1) because we have surgery & 2) b/c Nik's party is the very next day.  So, after this party is over tomorrow, have to figure out Nik's stuff for next week.  I really miss our own moon bounce.

Some great news!!  Irina and Max's passports have arrived.  Wahoo!!!  That means we can then go and try to fix the whole social security card mess.   That will be very interesting for sure.  Keep you posted on the progress.  Only thing I'm very concerned w/ is I still don't have original docs back yet. 

Well, need to go finish making the oreo cake that Yana requested I make.  It's homemade so fine w/ me.  I like homemade better than store bought anyhow.  Pictures to come just haven't had time to upload stuff lately.  Enjoy your weekend folks.  Going to be hot & sunny here.  Near 100.  Geez, almost forget it's fall. 

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