Monday, September 20, 2010

Surgery scheduled

You know, I wanted to get things out of the way but I wished I wouldn't have gotten what I wished for.  LOL.  I have been calling every week a few times a week to Duke regarding Bojan's surgery date.   I finally got a call back today.  Someone had a cancellation and they can take us this Wednesday.  "Do you want that day?"  Umm, no.  Day after tomorrow?!  No.  So, we actually worked it out for a different day.  Though we were planning to go hiking that weekend, that can wait.  Too hot anyhow.  However, we are having Nik's party the next day.  So, Bojan is now on the books for surgery on Friday, October 1st.  Yep, next Friday.  Need to get a walker between now and next Friday.  This week, I'm having Yana's party on Thursday night w/ roller skating & sleepover.  Saturday, we are going to Peacehaven to work on the farm some.  Church on Sunday.  We also have speech therapy this week, chorus, Irina's driver's ed, Open House at school, 2 teacher meetings, TB testing for Irina, Yana's birthday on Wednesday, shot for Nik before surgery(has to be done this week), and quite a few other activities thrown in there for good measure.  Posts may not be as forthcoming this week I have a feeling.  We wanted this though for sure.  I wanted ALL surgeries down BEFORE we had to leave for Bulgaria.  Though we do not have a travel date yet, as soon as referrals are officially given, I'm told travel is w/in about a month of that date.  Have to wait and see but we must be prepared.  I also need dental surgery yet that is an entirely different post.  I need Tammy's braveness for sure.  She knows who she is!  The world's biggest chicken is an understatement for me when it comes to dental work.  So, a few things in the works.  Did I mention we want to sell the house in the spring so are trying to slowly start fixing it up now?  Not to mention, our dog bed sleeper is back to roaming around at night & ending up sleeping on the hardwood floor by the bookcase again.  URGHH!!!  We must get Alyona & her sisters' room finished asap.  Anyone want to help paint???  LOL.  This house is not nicknamed Chaos Manor for a reason. 

So, that's what's going on for right now.  trying to get dates organized and tell the parents of the kids I sit for.  I've been through both these types of surgeries before so do know what to expect.  Hoping they will NOT keep Bojan over night but I am not familiar w/ Duke's protocol.  We're used to Wakemed and the staff there.  Being able to leave when we feel ready is a nice bonus.  Surgery at Duke is new for us.  New hospital.  We're used to Wakemed and UNC.  Once I get the details, we'll handle it from there. 

for now, I need to go do homework w/ the kids, take a walk w/ Irina, make dinner & get dates set up w/ various things.  Have a great week and much more to come for sure.  Take a break and enjoy the outdoors.  Definitely helps me relax more. 

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  1. Have been thinking about you guys a lot lately. We have a ton of changes going on in our family of craziness! I cannot wait to share all of the details with you! Much to share! Suffice to say for now that God is the Almighty Navigator! He is definitely steering our ship and we will find out where we end up! Hope all is well with you - you always have SO MUCH going on don't you???!!! I enjoy following along with your wonderful family. You really do teach me so much Stephanie. BTW - my husband just finished roofing our house all by himself. It took 2.5 weeks but it looks great! Thought of you guys - home repairs and saving money! Thanks! Blessings! - Kelli