Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunshine & Fedex

Okay, can't wait for the fedex part so tell you now.  Agency called and docs are on their way to Bulgaria...Wahoo!!!!  Can't tell you how incredibly excited I feel right now.  I just want to thank everyone who has made this dream a reality.  I know we have a bit of work to do ahead of us yet and many tracks lay in front of us on this adoption roller coaster ride but we are at least out of the holding pattern.  This ride is well under way!  We also received receipt confirmation that our I-800A is being processed and our biometrics appts. will be sent soon.  How soon?  Anyone's guess but I hope this coming week.  At least to know when they are would be greatly reassuring.

Now, for the sunshine part.  It has been hot here.  High 90's. Fall has begun but feels like the middle of summer.  But, my children are glistening in the sunshine so you know it's hot.

For some reason, this picture just makes me smile.  I love this picture.  I mean absolutely LOVE this picture.  The sheer joy she seems to be having splashing around in the water and letting it trickle off her face just makes me smile.  In this picture, she is simply a little girl having fun.  No labels, no limitations. 

Alyona is wondering about the camera a bit.  Almost always has a smile on her face.  Hard to believe she is 11yo some times.  

I love this picture too and don't know why.  He is not hurt, just squinting from all that sunshine.  The dirt on his face is priceless.  Every speck just is evidence of the fun he's had for the day.  He loves the water.  He definitely moved into the right family.  Though Warren despises the beach, I would live in a shack just to stay near the water.  I LOVE the beach, pool, fountains, whatever.  Nik has that same passion I do for water. 

Nik, very proud of going down the slip and slide.  He loved it.  They all did.  We had 17 kids here today(not the day of this picture) and the majority of them were playing on this little slip and slide.  BTW, you know you're a redneck & live in NC when you use a snowboard(in the background there) for a slip & slide.  It's so hot here that typically, our winter toys are mostly are summer toys.  Works for us.  

Just another shot of Nik making a run down the slide.  Simply summer fun.  I know it's fall but this summer has just seemed to drag on.  And I think that's a good thing.  Everyone is usually healthy in the summer.  Outside all the time.  I'm going to miss the summer days but do look forward to nature's beauty of the fall.  

Hope you enjoyed some sunshine today yourselves.  We are going to Peacehaven Farm tomorrow.  So exhausted from such a long week but anxious to go and help out again.  Church is on Sunday w/ Homecoming Sunday as well.  Not sure we're staying for that part or not.  We have an incredible amount to do before surgery on Friday.  Oh,good news!  We got back ALL original docs that were sent off for IRina & Max's passports.  Relieved.  Now, onto fix the social security card mess of theirs.  More posts to come this weekend for sure.   I still have yet to share last Sunday's events.  Life is keeping us busy at Chaos Manor for sure.  Enjoy some sunshine as I know winter will be here all too quickly. 

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