Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer days coming to an end

Well, maybe.  It's still in the 90's here & I actually had the "littles" out playing on the slip and slide today.  While most people are thinking of pumpkins and lightweight jackets, we're still keeping the air conditioning on & trying not to sweat to death in September.  LOL.  Most of the time here in NC we are in shorts until November.  Sometimes we luck out and get to wear pants in October but not often.  But, since my kids are outdoor type of kids, it works out well.  So, a glimpse of what we've been up to around here besides bubbles. 

Alyona, up to some of her trampoline moves.  Practicing back bends first. 

Bojan, still trying very hard to learn how to ride a bike.  Between the clubfoot and the prosthetic, it is proving to be a very difficult task.  But, won't let him give up and he has come a long way.  He has it for awhile until the knee locks up.  Working on it.  All of them need new bikes too and working on that as well.  

Nik  exploring more outdoor creatures before summer comes to an end.  In the background is part of the "tent" Max carved out of a tree & rigged up.  

Max after just putting together a small shed.  Life jackets and such were wilting and we just needed  a place to put things.  This did the trick.  

Another last look at the house in the midst of summer time.  Green grass is slowly fading to brown to make way for fall.  You can definitely tell from the picture the windows on the left side of the house are new.  LOL.  

You can slowly see summer flowers starting to fade away.  Flower boxes are not so full of color any more.  

Impatients still hanging on.  Yet, I still sort of am ready for fall.  So, I put out two mums and mums around the mailbox.  Now, if only the cooler weather would come.  Summer days are indeed slowly fading.  But, the kids and I have lots of fall activities including two birthdays.  Bring on fall!  We're ready. 

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