Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick update

Just got word that homestudy is officially going out today.  Better than that, it will NOT need the amendment.  See the state of NC changed how they process child abuse clearance checks.  Really, too long to explain.  Since it was just changed(last week), we sent our papers in right away knowing it may be awhile to get these back.  Plan was to do an amendment to the homestudy.  Can you believe they actually came in already?!  Very happy as no amendment needed.  Kind of glad it didn't go out yesterday in retrospect.  Very happy news. I-800A will hopefully be sent off tomorrow.  OMG!  We're actually doing this.  In the adoption process, it hits me at various times.  It really does.  Now, feeling very real to me and I think that is wonderful.  So much to say but more to do so for now, signing off.  Be back later & eventually finish that labor day post w/ pics.  I'll also be doing updates on all my kiddos. 

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