Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prepping all kids for surgery

I say all kids b/c it really is.  In this house, we have children w/ all kinds of mental health disorders and behavioral issues.  We have some w/ severe PTSD.  Alex was crying when he went to bed tonight.  Hospitals terrify him due to his past trauma early in life.  To say it was horrible is an understatement.  So, if anyone is sick here or has to go to the doctors, Alex is traumatized all over again.  Tonight is no different.  He's scrared to death about Bojan getting surgery tomorrow.  Alex was crying.  I told Bojan to go upstairs and tell him see you tomorrow.  Never say goodbye to Alex.  Never.  Too traumatic.  Bojan came down and said he was going to sleep w/ Alex tonight.  Very thoughtful for  a thoughtful Thursday post.  BTW, I'll get back to doing those next week.  So, Alex has stopped crying and now their chatting.  Fine. 

Irina has been a nightmare since she got home.  Has cleaned everything.  Bathrooms, microwave, kitchen, dining room, rearranged all dvd's, etc.  Laundry too.  You may think this is a good thing, but it's not.  Her OCD has gone overboard and so has she.  It's a sign she's on the edge and we know it is related to the surgery for Bojan.  So, trying to calm her as well.  Getting there slowly. 

So, even though it is one child getting surgery, I have many more effected by it.  PTSD is not an easy thing.  Neither are attachment issues.  Events come up and the kids really "lose it."  We stay calm and really don't talk much about the "event."  Whatever it may be.  We try to talk about other things.  Keeping things low key.  Also, any time things like this go on, it is best to keep them home.  I thought about letting Irina stay home from school but feel routine may do her good tomorrow.  So, she's going to school.  Alex keeping busy w/ work will help as well.  I try to get them excited about what they'll write on the cast and things like that. 

Anyhow, if anyone local wants to come and say hello this weekend to Bojan or any of the other kids for that matter, please feel free.  Can't say the house will stay "Irina clean" but we'll try.  I have the "littles" tomorrow as well.  Trying to get stuff for Nik's party done during the day since I'm sure I'll be occupied w/ Bojan tomorrow night.  I was so busy today that I didn't even realized I'd forgotten make-up until this evening.  Hope I didn't scare folks too much today.  Have a great evening.  I'm ready to watch some mindless show on tv and read a magazine for a bit.  Worry about other details later.  You know, like where I'm getting a wheelchair ramp from.  I think we'll carry him in the house tomorrow and then build the ramp this weekend.  One thing at a time.  I feel like Dori on Nemo...just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Glad I like the water!

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