Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pre-op, tooth mouse, & water inside!

Okay, Bojan's surgery pre-op was today at Duke.  Umm, Warren & I are still not Blue Devil fans at this point in time.  LOL.  Anyhow, at least we have a time to be there.  8:15 tomorrow morning.  So, Warren will go, I'll stay and get the kids off to school and I'll stay home and work.  It will hopefully be outpatient but w/ Bojan it is often a wait and see approach.  He will be in a cast all the way up.  Bojan is going to be wheelchair bound starting tomorrow.  In a home that is NOT wheelchair accessible by any means.  Going to get interesting.  I have to call the bus garage to get the bus changed to the wheelchair lift bus.  On my list.  Trust me, this list is growing to about a page so far.  No joke.  Lots going on.  Other issue we have to resolve is to get him into the bathrooms here.  Wheelchair will not fit & he is much too heavy to lift any more.  Someone said try an office chair.  Ours is too big but maybe I can find an old one to borrow off someone for awhile. 

Next issue is the sleeping arrangements.  He obviously can not go upstairs for weeks now.  Works well really b/c we really must paint that room.  We had a couple of options. Bed in the middle of the kitchen.  Umm,  no.  Have Irina & Yana(fire & gasoline) temporarily share a room for a few weeks while Bojan takes Irina's bed. Umm, no.  We think we've figured something out.  Disassemble Bojan's bed upstairs and move it to the dining room.  Take the sideboard in the dining room and move it to the other side.  Trouble w/ this arrangement is Bojan is then furthest from the bathroom.  (there are urological issues w/ him as well).  But, think it is the most logical thing to do at this point in time.  Especially, since Irina went ballistic in the car at the idea of the room change.  Remember, she is our OCD freak and she literally started to panic b/c one of the "dirty" boys would be in her bed.  URGHH!!!  Sometimes, life is just not normal here. 

Today was one of those days.  Littles left at 5, speech therapist comes at 5, had to call the hospital at 5, had to pick Bojan up at 5.  Believe it or not, I made it all.  Well, lucked out on the hospital deal as they actually called me a bit early.  Informed his teachers but have to call about the buses yet.  Now, that most of bojan's planning is nearing an end, I can concentrate on the party for Nik on Saturday.  You know, the one not planned yet.  Anyhow, Warren informed me today he has to work this Saturday. So, will mandate teens stay home to help me in case I need to do something w/ Bojan. 

Alyona lost a tooth yesterday and I convinced her tooth fairy mouse could not make it over all the mounds of stuff(had to move it b/c of carpet cleaners that came yesterday).  So, will remember tonight I hope.  My kids must be the only kids in America that have a tooth fairy mouse visit them.  And, have to leave the stupid windows open for even in the dead of winter.  May have to have a cat come in here one day and it that stupid mouse.  LOL. 

Ahh, the much needed rain.  Though our grass is now green, our issues have begun.  Well, expanded really.  No secret we have leaky roof.  Had a roofer come in the summer for $650 and patch the roof.  Said patches have not really held.  Okay, I think 2 of the 3 held.  We use buckets to collect the water and have drilled holes in the archways to help.  Yep, a little bit redneck there too.  We can get a new roof in the spring.  The adoption is priority right now.  Getting our children home.  Leaks haven't done too much right now.  We were okay w/ how things were.  Lots of rain, buckets.  Today, new leak discovered in the kitchen.  New place, not good.  Warren will look at it tonight.  This new roof may not be able to make it until spring.  If that is the case, I will need to do some major fundraising for sure in the near future.  And that's okay.  This is really the only adoption that we've ever really thought about fundraising for.  Rest, we paid for on our own and are actually still paying some off.  Well, we did do one mini fundraiser for Alyona and Nik & made about $400.  Other than that, nothing.  I feel guilty asking for money I really do.  But, sometimes I know I need to swallow my pride and get to the real goal here... bringing three orphans home to their family so they are safe, nourished and most importantly, loved.  Trying to think of some ideas now as I want something that can be fun for everyone.  And who knows, maybe we won't have to do this but I have a feeling the roof may not wait till April.  I've already gotten quotes for the new roof.  Looking at around $7000 or so.  Again, it won't take much I'm sure to raise funds.  For 1000 people to donate just one time of $10 is all that is needed.  That would raise $10,000.  That would be enough to cover what I have a feeling we're going to lose on this new roof.  And the fact that our fees are going up due to the US dollar growing weaker overseas.  Again, all talk for another day.  Focus now is getting ready for Bojan's surgery and Nik's party.  Goodnight for now.  Going to read to Nik now.  Do it every night but I'm one of those horrible parents who forgets to write the stupid books down on that reading log.  Oh well.  I'm trying.  Never claimed to be supermom.  Hey, do I get points for reading every night?  LOL.  Have a great weekend.  Keep you posted on his surgery tomorrow as I find out stuff.  Say a little prayer.  This may be a rough one.

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