Friday, September 3, 2010

Peacehaven (part III)

Last post I think was us walking back up to the main entrance.  Once there, some of the kids just needed a break. 

Do they look a little beat?  I guess Nik thinks he's the king on his throne.  Stacked up high.  What we didn't know was just how much pain Bojan was in after hiking.  His prosthetic socket is WAY to small.  They(prosthetic place) put a piece of clay in it about the size of a ping pong ball & his leg didn't even touch.  Now, when is this kid ever going to tell us something?!  Yet, he NEVER complains.  Most resilient kid.  Not in all areas but in quite a few.  

Not the best picture but sun was in her eyes.  Irina stopping by for a quick pump of the water & some hand washing.  

Horrible, horrible picture.  All sweaty & smelling like a farm but in a good way.  We had an awesome time despite our smiles & sun-squinted eyes in this particular photograph.

Since the kids were all great & well, frankly it was just bloody hot outside, we decided to pull off the road and into a Wendy's.  Frosty's for everyone!  Can you tell they were a bit happy about it?!  BTW, Nik was NOT supposed to be sitting back there.  Little bugger.  It was a great way to end a perfect day at Peacehaven.  Nothing like a chocolate ice cold Frosty.  We love Wendy's.  They do a lot for adoption and I think it is wonderful how they can incorporate it into their sales.  Did I mention it's a Chocolate Frosty?!  It just plain tastes good on a hot day.  No leftovers, sorry.

A bit tired after all that.  don't tell them I put this picture on here, they'd kill me.  LOL.  See, even the teens were tired.  

It was just a really pleasant experience for us and we truly can't wait to go back and work on the farm.  We plan on doing this at least 2 weekends every month.  This weekend they're closed and the kids were disappointed.  they really wanted to go back and work.  Good sign for sure.  Definitely check out Peacehaven of NC.  I put a link in on the first Peacehaven post.  Great organization and great thing they are trying to do.  Special needs children like ours that turn into special needs adults can indeed live a happy & productive life in society.  I truly believe that and continue to write this blog so you all can see that progress I see.  The path to independence. Need to go to the bank.  Post later maybe as well.  Have a wonderful weekend folks.

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