Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peacehaven (part II)

More pictures from our trip to Peacehaven!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Here goes.

No one is currently living in the yurt.  Well, except for the chickens.  Lots and lots of chickens.  Kids have always held chickens at Winterpast Farm so no issues here either.  Though, we didn't let them touch these chicks.  Yes, yelled at Irina shortly after this picture.  

She just seems to have such peace here in this picture.  Love it.  

Leave it to my kids to spot a giant moth in the middle of this much farmland. 

Bojan taking a stroll down to the animals.  Look at the beautiful view.  

The kids getting to know one of the goats here.  All my kids are extremely comfortable around farm animals.  Though none of us liked the goats licking the sweat from our legs...yuck.  

No idea why in the world Nik is so proud of himself sitting on that tractor.

All the kids wanted to take turns sitting on the tractor.  Kids saw the goats, dog and black angus cows.  They are working on building a chicken coop too there.  Many, many plans and just a wonderful setup.  

This was on our hike back up to the entrance of Peacehaven.  Great walk.  

There will be a part III to this trip.  part III tomorrow.  Just finished signing the new child abuse clearance checks that the State of NC has initiated again.  Nothing like something else to do during an adoption process, huh?  More to come on Peacehaven and what it meant to us to visit.  That's for the next post!  So, stay tuned.

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