Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peacehaven (part I)

Well, this is where we went this past weekend.  It is a wonderful place & truly can't wait to share some more.  Here is a link that gives more detail of what it is about:  

We can not wait to go back.  Our kids are very excited about it.  This is a place where some of our kids may have a future at.(yes, grammatical error)   One thing you'll find about children w/ FAS is that they love hard work and love the physical activity.  Hence, why we have a lot of outdoor toys.  Our kids love being outside.  This place is perfect for them.  We thoroughly enjoyed the people we met there.  They made us feel very welcomed.   Here's some pics from our trip. 

Max & Bojan were up to their usual stupid antics & you can see just how thrilled Yana is by this picture.  

Bojan trying out the U-rake.  Well, not sure that is what it is called.  All the kids got to try it out.  Max stayed behind on the tour and did this the whole time.  He loved it!  They till the ground with this.  The farm is adding about a 1/4 of an acre of veggies per season.  

Kids are all checking out how the compost is made.  What the water hose is on top of it for and what all is in the pile.  This farm is 89 acres so there is lots to explore and learn about.

Nik helping pick tomatoes.  Along with the other kids.  Course, they jumped right out of there when a beagle came from the garden barking.  Too funny.

Nik proudly displaying his pickings.  He wanted me to take this picture.

Umm, spoiling the dog are we kids???  My kids all take to animals.  That's why a farm environment would be ideal for them.  working on it!  

They have sheep on the farm and the wool is sheered.  Here's Yana helping to sort the dirt & things from the wool.  I think it was destressing process for her.  They said she did great.

Alex & Bojan were very anxious to check out the yurt.  They thought it was so cool.  All the kids did.  I don't think heating would be an issue here.  However, cooling might.  We all liked it.  Would need quite a few of them though for our family.  

More to come on Peacehaven in another post.  For now, have so, so much to do.  These posts will be choppy the next few days as I'm starting and stopping quite a bit.  Homestudy completion is critical right now as a deadline is approaching faster than you can say run.  NC JUST changed the child abuse clearance law to of course add to the delight of our process.  A little faith goes a long way though so we should not stress.  Ahh, who am I kidding, I'm totally stressed!  Yep, stressed is dessert spelled backwards so I must indulge later.  Oh wait, no chocolate in the house.  Will tell you all more later on some of this adoption stuff.  Keep praying, sending good thoughts, etc. our way for lightening fast approval as it is critical now.  And I'm not just saying that either folks.  We've done 7 adoptions. I truly know by now when they mean jump and when well, they're just saying jump.  They mean it this time for sure & you don't take anything to chance when there are kids involved.  Stay tuned for Part II at Peacehaven.

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