Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Asian Redneck

I know it's not politically correct but you really do have to know where we live to "get it."  LOL.  Max is Asian, came from Russia.  Both his parents were of Kazah decent.  Max has always complained that he is the "lone Asian"(his words) of the group.  No matter how much you tell him it doesn't matter, he doesn't care.  We live in the south.  There are people that live here that are indeed rednecks and proud of it.  I'm not making this up folks.  I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy has visited some of the folks here for material.  I kid you not.  You might be a redneck if...  You remember those comedic lines.  Anyhow, Max is our resident redneck at this house.  He carries his pocket knife around and can fix just about anything with duck tape.  (though, I do think that's a trait he learned from his dad).  Max never gets dressed up.  Yet, he loves wearing his dress shoes with jeans.  Got to love it.  So many things I could go on about regarding Max.  I think it's cute really.  So, here is what our son's version of a hayride is:

This is Max's version of a hayride.  Yep, hauling the kids in the lawn tractor trailer.  No hay, just a ride around the yard w/ two very content kids.  

They are all content as can be riding around in this.  So much so, that Bojan and his friend decided to climb in as well.  I was MAD about that as Bojan decided to goof around, fall out and ruin the back gate of this trailer.  Then, Max being our resident handyman decided to fix said gate by hammering it out.  URGHH!!!  So dented now.  

Max is very happy that we are adopting "kids that look like me for a change."  his words, not mine.  The future children will be of a different heritage and darker skin color versus are EE kiddos that will burn if you put them in sunlight due to their very light skin tone.    I don't care if Max claims himself to be  a redneck or not, I love him for it.  BTW, we are indeed one of those families that "tries" to get all the Christmas lights down in a reasonable amount of time but never can seem to.  The ONLY reason you don't see Christmas lights in the garage windows any  more is b/c they actually came down when we replaced the windows.  No lie.  After being up for years.  They definitely sounds like a My Name is Earl episode for sure.  LOL. 

Enjoy your week everyone.  Many more updates are forthcoming. 

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