Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nik's at it again

Nik is up to his old self again w/ his drawings.  Remember Humpty being pushed off the wall & then fried by the sun last year?  Well, he's at his "artwork" again this year.  I have more pictures of what he's drawn but only one loaded on here so far.  Next few weeks w/ Halloween coming, I'm sure will get interesting.  So, his first drawing of the school year:

As part of Nik's assignment, he was to finish a story w/ a drawing of what came next.  What should have come next in the story was the mommy getting wet & a picture depicting that.  Does Nik draw that?  No,of course not.  He has drawn himself in this huge tub w/ a boat.  Showerhead on the left, a little shower water drops falling on him. Shampoo is on the shelf up there, not biggie.  Now, the person on the right is me w/ my hands on my hips screaming(& yes, he signed the word screaming at me) at him to get out of the tub.  BTW, we do tend to scream when he doesn't have his implants on.  Still don't know why we do that as we're signing to him too.  I think it's just habit w/ stubborn 7yo boys.  Anyhow, that big blue stream of water is supposedly me dumping cold water on him.  URGHH!!!  I've never done that.  Now, his sister has but never me.  He's explaining this picture to me laughing the whole time.  I told him you can't turn that in.  Yes.  He said yes.  Sure did.  Not happy w/ this being his first drawing of the season.  Stay tuned for more of Nik's drawings.  I know last year I had fun posting them and really did get lots of comments from people when I stopped putting them up there.  They are very fun to look at.  This is mild for the newbies on here.  Just wait.  Like I said, it's October soon.  Last year at this time he drew someone being pushed on the swing, and then that person was decapitated by another child playing soccer near the swings.  I see therapy in his future.  LOL.  Either that, or a follower of Stephen King for sure!

This week is going to be super duper busy.  I still have yet to hear from Duke about Bojan's pre-op time, whether or not he stays over night, wheelchair or walker, post op, recovery time, etc.  NONE of that.  All I have is a day of surgery.  Hope their surgeons are much better than their schedulers.  Geez.  We also have Nik's b-day party on Saturday.  yes, call it poor planning.  Waiting on a biometrics appt. from UCIS.  Come on mail, go faster.  LOL.  We discovered tonight, Irina has a hernia(we think).  We'll have to take her this week to the doctor to confirm and then schedule surgery for her.  More to share about happenings around here but just busy right now.  Will get to more details a bit later.  Enjoy your week. 

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