Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My bubble blowers

Thought I'd share a few pictures of my bubble blowers.  Though I bought the bubbles for the "littles" I watch, my kids I think enjoyed them more. 

Alyona trying to get a big breath in for that big bubble.  

Look at those chipmunk cheeks.  LOL.  Bubbles are fun at any age.

Alyona is truly serious about these bubbles.  She finally did get some going.

Irina stopped for a photo for me.  Though she didn't blow any bubbles, she tried to help them out some.  

Nik had no trouble getting some bubbles going.  

They were blowing bubbles till dark that night.  Something just so innocent about bubbles in the air.  

Nik, just watching what he had just created.  

I have many more pictures in my camera and many more things happening around the house.  Been very, very busy lately.  It's a good thing though.  We are still trying to get used to our school schedules around here.  We have a private speech therapist that comes twice a week for Nik.  Bojan has Chorus on Thursday evenings.  Youth group for the teens is on Sunday evening.  Irina is driving a few times a week.  I watch some tots everyday.  So, busy for sure.  Homework has been a huge nightmare.  Still have not heard of when Bojan's surgery is.  Nik's is still scheduled for Oct. 13th.  We're on the hunt for a bit larger vehicle.  Umm, yes, that means a bus this time around.  Crazy, huh?  Will get interesting for sure.  Of course, this is the least of our concerns.  Right now, just looking.  Our trade-in value is currently double of what we actually owe on it so that is awesome.  Hoping not to have higher payments.  Got to go.  Having a late dinner.  Grilled shrimp and veggies over rice.  More to come later hopefully.  Right now, trying to catch up.  Even getting back into my cardio workouts.  thank goodness.  Love it when I get to exercise.  helps immensely. 

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