Thursday, September 30, 2010

Major leakage issues

Can we ever get a surgery w/out having some other major even happening?  Seriously.  Last surgery we had to call poison control.  Surgery before that, 2 other kids needed emergency surgery at the same time.  As you know in the last post, major water damage.  Now, it's spread to the kitchen.  Warren went upstairs to cut the wall open.  We found the problem thank goodness!  Well, this is only PART of the problem.  Toilet is busted and causing the kitchen leak.  How is it busted?  Let's just say FAS and leave it at that.  Our son and tools.  URGHH!!!!  Anyhow, water is cut off upstairs for now. 

However, we have roof leaking issues in the normal places and now spread into the living room.  Show you the water marks tomorrow.  Haven't yet gone to get the party stuff.  Irina is in overdrive mode of cleaning.  Seriously.  She goes ballistic whenever anyone gets surgery.  She has cleaned out the microwave, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the downstairs, reorganized all couple hundred dvd's(I used to work at Blockbuster), and countless other things. I like it in some ways but in others it is driving us beyond bonkers. 

Say a little prayer for Bojan tomorrow.  He'll do just fine. 

Now, down to one bathroom for the kids again.  Oh, the joy of it all.  I'm out of here tonight to hopefully workout.  I need a stress reliever at this point.  Okay, maybe chocolate may be better.  LOL.  Enjoy your evening.  HOpefully all yours are uneventful evenings.  Life.  "Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know whatcha gonna get."  so true.

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