Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magazines available

I thought I'd do a brief reminder that there are still magazines for sale on the right for our fund raiser.  It's just one simple fund raiser in case people need some magazines.  It really does have an awesome selection of magazines and makes a great gift.  Also, some great teaching tools for the kids since they've started school.  Prices are wonderful and we've received the magazines we've ordered.  Please feel free to pass the link along to others.  Fantastic deals!   I have to get the social security mess(Irina & Max) figured out and the kids' school situations worked out first before I can dedicate a little more time to fund raising efforts.  The money I make from babysitting goes directly towards the adoptions as well.  So, with working during the day and regular life, I just need 15 more hours in a day to get the fund raising stuff going.  LOL.  It will come.  I just have to be patient.  So, for now, pass along about the magazines if you get a chance.  We will have a correct donation bar for a chip-in button tomorrow.  Right now, calculating about what we'll need to raise to get everyone home.  Once that's done, I'll tailor the fund raising stuff appropriately.  Again, it only takes a thousand people giving a one time donation of $10 to most likely get the amount we need.  People do giveaways so thinking of that idea as well. 

Besides the wait, I think the hardest part of adoptions are getting the funds together.  The adoption tax credit helped but never ever was everything that was needed.  It's very hard to ask for help from people.  We know if we decided to have a child by birth, 100% of our costs are covered.  Whether there is something medically wrong w/ the child or the pregnancy.  You are not given that privilege in adoption.  A child is a child and I really wish people would see things differently sometimes.  The cost of adoption is comparative to having a child.  Years and years ago, I had a cousin who had medical issues.  Bills that racked up well over the $100K mark were covered by insurance.  We do not have that option in adoption.  Insurance does not pay to "go get a child."  Only to "have a child."  Frustrating to adoptive parents.  I do think though that if you feel w/ all your being that adopting a child is what is meant to be for your family, than that is what is to be done even if fund raising must take place in order to get them home.  I think what burns me up more than anything is when people say oh,your just buying a child.  Umm, no.  We're paying to go bring the child home, we're paying for legal documents, paying for court costs, hotel stays, making an orphanage donation so that the children left behind will have necessities to survive, etc.  We are by no means "buying" a child.  Okay, soapbox over or I could go on all day.  More fund raising efforts to come in the next week or so.  More details on costs.  Also, more hanging around pictures.  And more happenings here too. 

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