Friday, September 10, 2010

A letter from my daughter

My daughter handed me a letter yesterday.  Guess she knew I needed a pick me up.  I will copy it verbatim.  Here goes:

To:  Mom  From:  Irina

Mom you are the best mom I could ever had!  You didn't have to choose me, but you did.  You have a good heart to adopted all of us!  You also going to adopt three more.  Wow, what a mom.  You could of got any other kid then me.  But you choose the nice and sweet girl.  Yes I do bad things that I regreat and say I hate you but you know that is not true.  I love you so much at the bottom of my heart.  I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.  don't think I am kissing up cause I am not!  

Sincerely:  Irina Boyd

That was the letter.  Hearts all over the page, whole thing written in cursive.  I left the grammar & spelling as she had it.  It's who she is.  It was meaningful.  It came from her heart and best of all, she knows I love her.  Yes, FAS kids can turn your world upside down & inside out but sometimes(as you can see here), that is a wonderful thing.  Just thought I'd share.  Yesterday was thoughtful Thursday & just thought I'd highlight a piece of it. 

Well, have some kids that are ready to go outside and play.  Can't wait for tomorrow's amputee training camp.  Should be interesting and weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Pictures of course. 


  1. WOW!! That was so beautiful!! I would cherish that note forever - hearts and all!! ;-)

  2. What a beautiful letter Stephanie! Those moments make all the tough moments worth it... you have done great with your kiddos... and the waiting trio will be blessed to have you as a mommy soon! Congrats!