Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Thanks for the comments & advice on Irina's situation.  Many special needs' parents struggle in this district for resolution to issues.  I have a friend that had to hire an advocate b/c this county doesn't recognize dyslexia as a disability.  It's true.  An advocate came into Alyona's classroom about 2 years ago & discovered that only 28 minutes of academic learning was taking place throughout the day.  Our cases have gone to the top to the DPI(dept. of public instruction) in Raleigh.  It's just hard to keep fighting.  It really is.  But, in the same breath, we know we must.  It is for their benefit, the kids.  That's what matters.  I had written more but I'd honestly rather take a break from all the school & adoption stuff & share pics of the kids and what we did this past weekend.  It was honestly nothing special.  We hung around the house and it felt so good to have no planned schedule whatsoever.  I really didn't take too many pics b/c honestly, we were working pretty hard on cleaning up the yard & the outside of the house.  But, did capture a few things.

You have no idea how long it took to clean up this mess.  I have no unearthly idea what possessed me to make bird houses w/ all the "littles."  2-- 2yo's & 2--4yo's with knives, 1 jar of peanut butter, busted bag of birdseed and close proximity.  What could go wrong?!  This is the first AND last shot of peanut butter bird feeders I believe.  Those wondering...bad, bad idea.  kids loved it though.  One had peanut butter all over her hair, one little boy was downing peanut butter w/ birdseed on it..yuck and one little girl was just covered in it.  Yes, not the project of the year.

Something about a boy & his knife.  He was trimming the woods w/ this machetti.(no idea how to spell that word).  Max made the handle for the blade himself out of mahogany.  He found the blade in one of the houses he worked in.  Only rule is if we ever see it unsupervised, it's gone for good.  So far, so good.  

So, besides cleaning up the yard and porch, there was some goofing off of course.  Bojan, stage center as usual.  LOL.  Alex is wondering why I'm taking a picture and Bojan is using a pizza cardboard thing he found in the yard(yes, they throw them as frisbees every time we have pizza) as a shield.  What a ham.  He can turn anything into a theatrical performance. 

Alyona, helping me to deadhead some flowers.  Hard to believe these Tree Rose of Sharon bushes started out as little .20 sticks!  They are always so beautiful to me to pull in the driveway & see them.  So is the little girl standing next to them!

One last look at summer blooms I'm sure.  Love the color of them.  

Well, this was part I of Labor Day Weekend from last weekend.  We'll have more later.  Kids are still up.  Have to get up super early so trying to get them to bed.  Easier said than done.  Going to be cool here finally tomorrow.  Perfect for a day outside.  Can't wait to attend a new event and meet some great athletes.  Hope they'll be able to teach Bojan something new.  Let you know. 

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