Friday, September 10, 2010

I-800A form help

Okay, it's after midnight, Yana is STILL up working on a school project and I'm still up working on the stupid I-800A form.  Everything is filled out, check written, and forms w/ it.  Only thing I'm drawing a blank on is Part 3 # 3.  It's on page 7 and hoping someone out there can answer it before the morning.  LOL.  Trying to get it overnighted by tomorrow.  Got it today(homestudy), sending off I-800A immediately.  Anyhow, it is asking to provide a description of preadoption requirements and not quite sure what to write here.  Any ideas, send them my way.  I want this out of here!  Watching 4 kiddos tomorrow so really want this done.  I guarantee w/ it being laid out on the dining room table that it will either be covered in oatmeal or playdough if it stays there.  Remember, so far we've had peanut butter, dog prints and jelly on various forms mailed off to important agencies.  Hoping to break that trend.  SO, SO much has happened in the last 2 days that I will catch you all up.  Right now, head still spinning from too many things.  Will have time to breath this weekend.  More on all kinds of stuff forthcoming.  Just to let you know, it is dog gone hard to look for previous I-600A approvals and their exact dates.  Yes, we have all our papers and folders nicely organized and labeled.  Just didn't know what label to look under.  LOL.  Not to mention Max & Irina's old papers were laying on the floor by Alyona's bed.  Don't even ask.  Long story.  Did I ever mention this is our L-A-S-T adoption ever?!  Well, if not, IT IS!!!  Too old to stay up this late.  Yana is almost done & it's quarter past midnight.  You think I can convince 2-- 2yo's & 2-- 4yo's that we all should take a nap?  Yeh,didn't think so either.  I guess this is practice for upcoming jetlag.  LOL.  Goodnight & any answers, let me know.  Thanks.


  1. I will try to find for you what to put there. It's on some kind of website that provides the language according to your state, but I can't remember the name of the site. Your placing agency should also know the verbiage that needs to go there. Also, don't forget to send the I-800A with a HS approval letter from your HS agency, front and back copies of your and hubby's birth certicates and marriage license, and the $830 filing/fingerprint fee as a check or money order.

  2. Our social worker told us to place a N/A in that section (part 3,# 3) since we are adopting our children in Estonia. She told us this only applies to people who plan to adopt their children here in US after their return. I hope this helps! Your agency should be able to help too.
    Best wishes,

  3. We live in North Carolina and adopted from Bulgaria. We left it blank.
    Hope this helps.