Thursday, September 23, 2010

An early birthday present

As you all know, today we are celebrating Yana's birthday w/ her friends.  Well, Nik knows his birthday is right after Yana's and he even counted down the days.  Too funny.  We asked him since we were going to Walmart anyhow if he wanted his birthday gift.  As I've discussed here before, truly all the kids need a new bike.  All theirs are pretty much second hand or free, repaired again & again and definitely well worn from many hours of riding.  They love it.  So, we decided to get Nik a brand new bike.  He is well aware he will NOT get a present from us at his party as this is it.  The look on his face was priceless as we let him pick it out at Walmart.  He wanted a green bike and boy he got it!

Is it green enough for him?  He loves to ride all over the yard and around the house.  He wanted a big bike like Max but we said no.  He stands on Max's to try to prove he can do it.  

He was SO happy.  You should have seen him riding his bike down the aisles of Walmart.  I did have hold of the handle bar just in case.  Don't want to have to pay for any displays you know.  LOL.  What was nice was all the folks stopping to ask him about his new bike. Nothing like a little boy and a new bike.  He is so proud and has ridden it every single day.  Little does he know even though we told him no other gifts, we actually have one.  IRina and I found a brand new remote controlled car(something he also asked for) at a yardsale for a dollar.  It was still in the box.  

Nik's party is next weekend.  I will start on that tomorrow.  Not sure what we're doing w/ it but we'll think of something.  Some simple games and play for sure.  And, all kids love a pinata.  Have a bunch to choose from.  A party store went out of business over the summer w/ 80% off.  We did well. LOL.  Nik's already told me a couple of the friends he wants to invite.  Should be a lot of fun.  Just hope we are not stuck at Duke.  Thinking Bojan's surgery will be just outpatient but I do not yet know.  We'll just wing it.  

anyhow, just had to share Nik's early gift w/ you all.  Off to Pizza Inn for Yana's celebration.  It was her pick.  Then, some time at home.  Been a day of errands so looking forward to coming home and relaxing.  Oh wait, girl teens here...scratch the relaxing part. 

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  1. Wow!!!... What a great bike!!!... It´s gorgeous!!! And green it´s my favourite color too!!!... Congratulations Nik!!!... Great choice!!!...
    And Stephanie!... I have to tell you something... We have done all the papers and started the adoption process the 8th of Sept. and one week after we have realize that MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!!!... Unbelievable!... Anyway we will continue with the adoption process!... It has never had nothing to do with having biological sons or not. It may come after or later. It goes beyond!... And we are following your steps!...
    Kind regards from Argentina!... (And what day it´s Nik´s birthday?!... It´s something I would like to note on my notebook!.)
    Huge hug for all of you!!!...