Friday, September 3, 2010

A day off, passport woes

Well, today I actually have my first day off in ages.  The tots I watch are not here.  The kids are not here.  Warren is not here.  It is so quiet, I actually turned on the tv for background noise.  Sad, but true and no, I'm not kidding.  It's on right now downstairs, while I'm upstairs here.  I've returned a bunch of old emails, cleaned up, ordered some makeup online, went to the chiropractor and made some calls so far.  It's 11:46am.  I plan on doing much more but I'm waiting on ONE document to be delivered to the house.  Once in hand, faxing it to the agency.  No fax machine at home so have to go out for that one. Warren picked up our medicals downtown this morning and we're mailing those out.  So, getting things accomplished.  Just found out meeting at 3 to get that one last document notarized and faxed off to homestudy agency.  Praying for approval and for things to be ready next week to be sent to Bulgaria.  Wahoo!!! 

There is an end and a new beginning.  And end to this part of the adoption process and then the beginning of the dossier part of it. Though we've done all our dossier docs already, you still remain in that process for awhile.  For newbies, once the official referrals are given to you, we are told that travel usually happens w/in about a month or so. That would be fantastic!  I can honestly say I'm ready to go.  I'm ready to go meet my future children.  I'm ready to go see where they came from and what they're all about.  I'm ready to see how their culture has influenced them.  Ready to see how orphanage life has treated them.  After being to 5 different orphanages, I can honestly say each had their good & their bad points to them.  No two are alike and the kids really are affected by this.  Yet, I'm ready to dive into it all again. 

Passports to correct Irina and Max's social security mess.  Remember, they were adopted over 10 years ago.  So, they're social security card reads as if they are aliens.  They are NOT by any means.  They are both full fledge U.S. Citizens.  However, we have to go through a "process" just to get the wording on their stupid cards changed.  Easiest way to do this is to supposedly get them US Passports.  We applied, sent in original birth certs & adoption decrees on August 4th.  We get a lovely letter yesterday saying they need more proof.  Either an alien resident card, original birth country passport or COC.  They do not have a COC.  So, sending in the resident alien original green card along w/ the letter we received.  Hoping they'll process it then.  Keeping fingers crossed on this one as it is apparently a whole different ball game when Irina turns 18, which is in December.  Now, this will give Irina & Max US passports.  We still want to get them for ALL our kids.  But, it is expensive so doing 2 at a time till done.  Let you know how it all goes.  We submitted all this stuff on August 4th.  Let see how long it takes. 

I will write another post on Peacehaven.  My last post on it.  More pictures too.  Stay tuned for more to come.  Next week should be an exciting week for us I hope.  My chiropractor today asked if I'm stressed.  Umm, guess he could feel the tension in my neck.  Yes, a little stressed and waiting is the hardest part by far on any adoption journey.  Still nervous after doing this for so many years.  Go figure.  Nerves will subside,I'm sure.  Right now, just getting excited at the thought of it all.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend everyone.  I know we will. 

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