Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bug boys

As almost all of you know, my kids love any creature that resides outdoors.  They are always outside catching something.  I found a great net container at a consignment sale.  they have had nothing but fun w/ it.  Thought I'd share some photos of a few of their captures.  Some, have been quite impressive though I have not taken pictures of everything.  Just needed a word break from all the events the last few days.  Adoption stuff is moving right along and school stuff is taking up a bunch of my time.  Anyhow, thought I'd share some interesting captured critters. 

The kids about lost their minds at the dinner table when they looked out and saw this huge moth.  They dropped their forks & we're off for the hunt.  

Nik, proudly displaying the frog he & one of the "littles" caught.  Amazing we don't have a case of salmonella here w/ all the reptiles caught in this house.

Irina holding a praying mantis.  they hold anything.  Dragonflies, ladybugs, worms, frogs, spiders, bees, etc.  It's nuts!  

A horned worm that was eating my tomato plants.  No fear.  The pile of bikes in the background was b/c we were going through every single bike seeing which ones we could salvage & repair.  Honestly, all the kids need new bikes.  It's just not going to happen right now so fixing what we can and making things work as best we can.  Warren was able to rig Nik's bike up.  So,there is a 20" wheel on a 16" bike.  LOL.  But, it rides, and he loves it.  We may be able to get Nik a new bike for his birthday next month.  Others need it too though.  But, 7 new bikes at once would be difficult.  Not to mention mom & dad need one too.   Our kids love to ride bikes.  Thankfully, not all at the same time.  That helps right now.  Don't know how we let them get in this bad of shape.  Well, I do but can't really help it.  We have a storage issue... no place to put them.  Thinking of trying to rig something up temporarily to protect the bikes from the elements.  mean time, keeping an eye out on Craigslist & yardsales.  

It's finally quiet in here.  Yana worked on homework from 3:30 until 10:30.  I think that is just ridiculous and it's every single night.  Irina is still having a very hard time in school.  Open house is tomorrow.  Speech therapist came.  She comes 2X a week for lessons at home.  So, today we were rather busy w/ school stuff.  While I was busy helping the others, Nik & Bojan were taking turns on doing something stupid.  Of course.  So now, I have 2 sons that will be going to school w/ 2 giant round hickeys on their foreheads.  All from a lightbulb suctioning tool they thought they should stick to their foreheads.  Folks, this will not be going away any time soon.  URGHH!!!  How do they come up w/ some of the stuff they do?!  More to come tomorrow.  I'm guessing my Labor Day Weekend post will be about a weekend late.  Oh well.  Life happens. We just have to go w/ the flow here.  Can't wait for the weekend.  That should be fun.  Going to a prosthetic/ amputee training camp for Bojan.  Meeting professional athletes and all.  Kids are excited.  Warren still needs to fix Bojan's running leg.  On the list.  That to do list just keeps growing. 

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