Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bits & pieces

Today is Tuesday.  Been a busy day so far but at least stuff is getting done.  Nik's new processor came and we sent the old one back.  Anyone who has a deaf child and getting an implant, Advance Bionics is the way to go!  They are fantastic w/ customer service and those devices have gone through the ringer at this home and still survived.  Amazing.  Irina and Max's passports arrived so now we can concentrate on fixing the social security mess.  We've ordered the rest of the window sets that are clearly rotted out before it hits the structural stuff.  We had to order one window for the master and a triple for the dormer on the top...$$$...ouch!  All the windows need replacing but we are only doing what we can sort of afford right now.  The rest we are hoping to try to fix ourselves during fall and winter.  In that invisible free time we have here.  LOL.  We are still patiently (yeh, right) awaiting for our biometrics appointment w/ immigration.

Bojan gets surgery this Friday.  To say I'm disappointed in Duke's scheduling team is an understatement.  Took them over  month to call me back just to schedule the surgery & all I got then was the day.  I'm really not used to this.  We've only ever dealt w/ Wakemed or UNC and never, ever had so much trouble.  Duke told me today, after I called numerous times yesterday & the previous week, that this is just the way they do things and they can never really give us a surgery time until the day of surgery.  They didn't schedule pre-op until today after I had pestered them enough.  They finally told me it was outpatient.  Getting information was like going through an interrogation.  It was ridiculous!  It is supposed to be outpatient but w/ Bojan's surgical history, we won't know till it happens.  Mean time, we have found a lump in Irina's abdomen.  Feels like a hernia.  I'm taking her this evening to get it checked out.  Most likely, we'll be looking at another surgery I'm sure.  Bojan's surgery is Oct. 1, Nik's surgery is Oct. 13th, and Irina's probable surgery is unknown at this time.  Nik's party will be this Saturday, day after Bojan's surgery.

We really need to get the room done for Alyona.  She is currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  however, we've caught her up and about again and sleeping on the hardwoods by the bookcase downstairs.  Since we got rid of her dog bed(for those new, it is a long story), she is on the hardwood floor & I don't like that.  She has a mattress but needs more security.  We feel an enclosed room will help.  So, trying to get it patched up this week so that I can paint it next week.  Hopefully.  Anyone up for a painting party next weekend?  LOL.  It will get done sooner or later.

The school situations are unfortunately worse than before.  I've requested some meetings.  We'll see how it goes from there.  I can not stand what is happening to my kids.  Have to get them out and soon.  I am being lied to and have proof.  As a professional, I don't think that should happen.  Especially, in the education field.  Frustrated is an understatement.  I'll go more into detail of what is happening at a later date as I have stuff happening w/ about 5 of the kids right now. 

School is on a 2 hour delay tomorrow for ....rain.  Bojan has pre-op at the same time so Warren will take him to Duke for that.  Bojan also has chorus practice tomorrow afternoon and Nik has speech at the same time.  I have the kids the rest of the week I believe so busy during the day.  Tomorrow evening(Thursday), we'll have to get stuff for Nik's party on Saturday.  Sent out 22 invitations and have received 4 RSVP's right now.  Hoping I know more of a definite count before the party b/c w/ surgery, I'm limited as to when I can go get stuff as we'll need to tend to Bojan that evening.  It will all work out. 

Not much else happening.  Yet, a lot happening.  now, how is that?  LOL.  Lots of rain tonight and hoping roof holds awhile longer.  We have the buckets in place. 

Time to make spaghetti as I totally forgot to put on the homemade soup this morning.  Guess that's tomorrow's dinner.  Have a great evening.  More pictures and things to come.  Lots to get done the next few days for sure.  We are welcoming cooler temps here.  Even made carmel apples today to welcome in fall a bit.  Can't wait for October.  Ready for some Halloween decorations.  Just a fun time carving pumpkins, selecting costumes, making some crafty decorations, and of course buying candy.  We also have parties for all the kids and their friends...costumes of course.  This year, Warren is takign the teens to a Fear Farm here.  I do NOT do scary.  I might take the kids to a corn maze or pumpkin patch event.  We'll see.  We also plan on having a costume dinner party for the teens and then let them watch a scary movie.  Little kids will have their annual (okay, so we didn't get to do it last year) Halloween party....mummy tp wrap, pinata, & bobbing for apples.  Such fun!  We usually have guests bring an item we want to donate to the orphanage.  Can't wait!

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