Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bits & pieces

Today was a busy day.  Still is.  It is a little after 10 pm.  We have laundry piled sky high, a house that looks more like a hurricane was here, majority of children are still up, tons of papers to sign for the schools, no party stuff figured out, etc.  In other words, a mess here tonight.  Shuffling through it and figuring out what to do first.  We all had a busy day.  Warren went to work, dropped off paperwork down town and picked it up later that day as well.  I watched all the "littles" today.  We went to story time at the church and did some things around the house.  Ran an errand for one of their parents.  We also stopped by a local fruit stand that I always go to.  Gentleman there is always so kind and talks to all my kids too.  We bought some produce again today and he even gave all the "littles" an apple.  How sweet and it made my day.  Kindness of others never ceases to amaze me at times.  It was a wonderful pick me up.  Going to make a list and try to get produce from them weekly.  Like 100 apples a week(yes, we go through that many), 1/2 case of bananas, couple pounds of tomatoes, etc.  We'll see what happens. 

Kids came home.  We had some cake for Yana for her birthday.  One of our neighbors took Yana out to dinner. She goes walking with them.  Very sweet of her.  Also gave her a card w/ money in it.  Another neighbor that she walks with came and gave both Yana and the other lady a bouquet of flowers.  How sweet is that?!  We had a super late dinner and it through us all off.  We have no food left here.  Seriously.  My kids are down to ketchup, relish and nasty cornflakes.  LOL.  We're going tomorrow morning for supplies.  No idea what in the world they'll take to school. Maybe cake?  I say that jokingly but really do mean it.  Ever just have one of "those weeks?"  Well, this is it.  Irina is reading positive for TB.  We knew she would.  She had the BCG vaccine in Russia so will test positive here.  Lovely.  So, tomorrow, I'll take her for the reading, get the script to get the chest x-ray and then back to doc to write a long-winded note as to why she'll test positive but have clean x-ray. 

I'm keeping Irina home from school tomorrow.  Call it a mental health day.  Seriously, call it that as it is so true.  Irina is a basket case lately w/ school.  It's a nightmare.  She takes it out on the rest of us at home as she doesn't know any other way to cope.  This is partially the FAS, partially the developmental delays are partially just being a teen.  We all know why she's acting this way but we all don't know how to fix it.  Pulling her from school is our ONLY option at this point in time.  We will not be waiting till January and I have to know what the consequences will be for pulling her w/in the next few weeks.  She turns 18 in December.  I will continue to school her and TEACH her something for a change.  Irina is distraught w/ this so called "job training" program.  they have taught her nothing.  Not a dog gone thing.  She got yelled at today for using...get this water to wash dishes with.  Not kidding here folks.  Then, she was told to stay away from all water.  Even in the mop bucket. What?!  Also, told by the job coach had they gone to the other facility today, she would have gotten a zero b/c she didn't have her TB test read today.  Umm, that is NOT in IRina's control.  You must follow protocol. If I could spit fire at this school right now, I would.  We are trying to be reasonable but the more she tells us, the more frustrated we become.  So, I am keeping her home tomorrow.  She will help me w/ the house/ kids here/ shopping, etc.  She'll most likely learn more w/ me than at the school "work" program.  The ONLY thing she is doing at work(no pay mind you) is cleaning.  Literally, that's it.  Nursing  Pet out cages yet not being allowed to touch or learn about the animals.  Kid's learning toys.  I have not heard of them teaching any job skills other than cleaning.  SO MAD right now.  I'm not writing or calling the school this angry.  I know I'd regret it.  So, I will rethink, gather my thoughts and contact them on Monday.  Just b/c I have nothing else going on.  Bojan's surgery is next Friday.  Still have not heard when post-op is.  Duke is not the best at giving out info I have come to find out.  So, time for me to go get some items done.  Just needed to vent a little I guess.  Thanks for listening to me vent.  More picture posts tomorrow.  Need a pick me up.  More going on but Irina's school situation is so critical right now, it is taking up all my time and energy.  Thank goodness I worked out tonight.  Have a great evening everyone.  And remember, with every new day, there's fresh hope.  --that is from National Lampoon's Vacation & a family joke. 

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  1. I think you need to call your local school board and find out who there is in charge of Irina's program. Then write a letter detailing all of the issues with Irina. Finally, threaten to sue to school. That's what I had to do to get my daughter an IEP a few years ago - threaten to sue. I'd be happy to edit the letter for you. Then snail mail and fax it. You might also send a copy of the letter to the local TV station. Make a huge stink. That's the only way things will change.