Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby dolls & snakes

Today is Saturday and was not as we planned it.  We had planned to go to Peacehaven to work.  Well, after yet another late start(don't ask), we were out the door to get gas and another cake.  I always make homemade baked goods but it was not going to happen this time.  The cake is still sitting on my counter btw.  Long story.  Anyhow, we thought we were on our way.  Warren was trying to be nice and wave a guy out of a busy gas station onto the highway.  That truck in turn hit another car.  Yep, we were witnesses so had to stay.  Nothing serious, no one hurt.  Just one of those things where you have to stop and call the police.  They did.  The SHP showed up over an HOUR later.  7 kids, hot day, nothing in the car to do, and well, you get the picture.  At this point in time, there was no way we were making Peacehaven.  Though disappointed, kids handled it fairly well.  Went home for lunch and then Warren and I went to Sam's for groceries.   Rest of the day we all just hung out, some w/ friends, some not.

Well, started this post yesterday & got distracted.  A common theme here at Chaos Manor.  So, back to the post.  I wrote baby dolls but should have written punishment.  Alex is our RADish.  Though he's come far, he has a LONG way to go.  Alex tends to be a bully...likes to pick on the weaker ones in the house.  Doesn't pick on Nik any more b/c Nik will fight back.  LOL.  And, b/c now Nik can communicate what Alex did.  Love it.  Anyhow, Alex was teasing Alyona and then was being mean to Alyona's doll baby.  So, made Alex care for her baby doll for 5 minutes.  He had to rock it, hold it.  Every time he tried to be funny or doing something stupid w/ it, I made him start over.  he was not a fan of this punishment for sure.

He's trying hard not to smile.  So far, he has not picked on any more of Alyona's baby dolls.  Hey, you do what works here.  

The rest of the post title is snakes.  The other weekend, Irina and I picked up this snake at a yard sale.  The guy selling it used to keep it on his Harley motorcycle.  We thought the boys would have fun w/ it.  Well, Irina had fun w/ it first.  I SO wished I'd caught what she did on tape.  She put it under Yana's covers.  Yana had no idea we had bought it.  The screams were enough to wake the dead.  We were all cracking up.  I know she'll get revenge but still funny to watch the whole thing unfold and her coming running out of her room.  After that, no one was scared b/c all knew about it.  Still, they had fun.

Nik is showing off the snake.  It is rather creepy looking.

Now, Alyona taking her turn at holding the creepy creature.

Yana goofing off after calming down from the snake scare.  One day, I will get a picture where there is nothing on the floor in the background.  LOL.  BTW, that thing that looks like a sleeping bag is actually a new comforter for the boys.  I was able to find brand new comforters(which the boys really did need) for just $11 a piece.  They were so excited and so was I.  Girls were jealous a bit.  I always tell them I can't buy for everyone at the same time.   They just thought they were cool comforters and wanted the "girl" ones.  

3 of my goofballs having fun w/ the snake.  I must say, this snake that cost me just a dollar has provided endless hours of entertainment.  Even for the "littles" I watch.  They chase each other around w/ it.  Who knew a snake would be so much fun!  Got to go.  We're off to church in 30 minutes and then a church homecoming lunch.  Come home and house repair mode.  Enjoy your day. 

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