Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amputee training camp (part II)

Well, need to actually get to Bojan & how he did.  These past few days have been beyond crazy busy and throw in a throwing up kid and well, all bets are off to get things done.  Alex is fine but does throw off a schedule.  Last post was regarding a training camp we were invited to.  This was to teach some new techniques and such.  They had many different drills for the kids to do.  They were divided up into kids & adults and I think newbie wearers as well. 

Bojan doing one of the drills.  Trying to go back & forth w/ his legs.  

Bojan practicing his soccer moves.  They were teaching them control and balance.  They even showed Bojan a different way to run w/ his leg which he thought was so cool.  

Bojan taking off running.  Love an action shot.  Just look at him go!

At the end, they had 3 groups compete by doing all the techniques they learned.  Pretty cool as my kids saw some of those athletes just fly across that field.  It was amazing!  this is Bojan waiting his turn in line.  

This was some of the course in the "grand finale."  Bojan is moving right along.  In this one, he is about to turn around & run backwards which was really cool. 

There were a few motivational speakers there.  This lady, Diana, was no exception.  Amazing woman and incredibly athletic.  Very impressed by all she had to say.  I like how the older men & women really took the time to talk w/ the kids.  Makes a difference for sure.

This was another speaker here, Kelly Bruno.  Another little interesting tidbit about her is she is on the upcoming Survivor.  It was interesting talking to her about the show.  Though obviously contestants can't reveal a thing, neat to hear different things about life on Survivor.  I always wanted to go on Survivor or the Amazing Race.  However, I know I 'd be too chicken to do some of those stunts they put on the Amazing Race.  LOL.  

All in all, great time there and so glad Bojan got to learn different things that will benefit him.  Also, nice when they get to meet others w/ limb differences & see just how successful they can be.  Though, Bojan already has that can do attitude so I'm truly not worried about him at all.  More worried about his smart alec ways these days.  A big thanks to the folks at Challenged Athletes Foundation that put this together.  Great workshop!  

Afterwards, we drove home and let the kids play all afternoon.  Next morning was church.  Catastrophe that morning getting them together.  Just ridiculous and won't even bore you all w/ what all happened.   Was not happy.  Came home, had lunch, and tried to clean up a little.  Just a few short hours later the teens were off to youth group.  Warren & I decided to go to Walmart to pick up some things.  What kind of parents are we that we forgot, yes I said forgot, about the teens at youth group?  Ran through the store to the register to pay and move on.  The teens were no worse for wear and everything turned out okay but I felt terribly guilty for doing that.  Girls had a great time but Max does not want to do youth group any more.  Trying to ascertain why.  Probably just not his thing and that's okay.  Was hoping he'd enjoy it as much as his sisters do.  We really got nothing done at home last weekend and that has put me behind the whole week.  Need some catch up time.  More to come.  Hope you all enjoyed seeing Bojan in action. 

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