Monday, September 13, 2010

Amputee training camp (part I)

Well, this past weekend has been beyond busy.  Irina went driving in driver's ed for the first time and was terrified.  Fortunately, she has a special ed teacher as her driver's ed teacher so he has patience.  And, the girl she is riding w/ has something in common w/ her as both their dad's work at the same place, same building.  Small world.  Anyhow, we will be practicing with Irina very soon here as well.  Saturday morning we woke up super early yet were super late for our event.  Typical here & desperately trying to break that cycle.  Children w/ FAS are not the easiest to make a transition with.  Always causes strife.

 Yes, this is Nik yelling back at me when I told him to NOT stand on the stool to reach the bowls for the oatmeal.  yep, what a way to start the morning of a big day.  Ignore Warren's clutter corner as we call it. 

Anyhow, we left w/ our 6(Max was gone due to work) & our neighbor's 3 kids that I watch.  I had no idea how this event would work.  Didn't know if they'd have anything for the other kids to do while Bojan trained.  In the mad rush to get out the door, we had forgotten remembered that Warren glued Bojan's running leg back together the night before. 

Yes, one running leg super- clamped together.  Warren has become super great at improvising when our kids break all kinds of stuff.  

We had a fairly uneventful car ride there for an hour.  Thank goodness as we had enough of a crappy start to make up for it.  Got there and Bojan went straight to work learning all kinds of things.  This event was put on by the Challenged Athlete's Foundation.  The same folks that gave the grant so that we could get Bojan's running leg.  Simply amazing folks for sure!  Their generosity is beyond measure.  The event was well organized for the athletes.  Wished I'd have known there would be absolutely nothing for the rest of the family to do but watch b/c it really was difficult on all the kids we had with us.  But, we did manage to keep busy.  

Alex found another little boy to entertain himself w/ by playing soccer.  One of Alex's favorite pastimes.  

Nik playing soccer w/ the big boys.  And, once they all got bored w/ soccer, then they improvise w/ paper....

Thankfully, we had a huge soccer field for them to run loose at.  Alex is on the other side tossing over the paper airplane we made.  Kept them entertained for awhile at least.  

Yana gave Alyona a few piggy back rides for a different view.  No idea why she's doing the Wolfpack hands.  NC State has the mascot called the Wolfpack & everyone does the wolfpack hand thing during games.  This area is very competitive w/ Duke, UNC, and State.  Personally, I'm not into any of them though years ago I'll never forget my experience going to a UNC game.  

Nik & one of the "littles" watching the exercises together.  They had gotten bored of looking for bugs in the giant field w/ no success.  All were starving by this point too.  I had forgotten to bring snacks.  

Always time for a photo op for sure.  

To solve boredom, I had various kids take pics.  Then, the batteries ran out.  That's why you'll see none of lunch.  Which, btw, was delicious!  Jersey Mike subs and chips.  Hit the spot after a long day outside.  

Can you even guess what happened here?   Yep, all of them in trouble.  The look on their faces tells it all.  They were NOT happy w/ me that I made them all sit down for awhile to think things over.  Must say, none gave me any lip about it and was actually surprised that they sat there w/ out complaining.  For the most part, they did awesome.   They really did.  

Now, didn't think this would get so long.  So, I'll write another part later & that part will have all of Bojan & what he did and how he did.  Very cool stuff.  I can say Bojan did learn a bunch for sure and it was worthwhile going.  Very thankful that we were invited.  Stay tuned for pics of Bojan and a local "celebrity" that will be on national tv this week.  Lots going on here and will update more for sure. 

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  1. We LOVE Jersey Mike's subs. We eat them 2-3 times a month. It looks like your kids handled things pretty well, to me?!