Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An afternoon at church

Okay, so this post was supposed to be last weekend.  I'm a bit behind.  Nothing surprising about that.  We missed church service last weekend as it was just too hectic that morning.  Just chaulk it up to an FAS day and move on.  I know other FAS parents out there can relate to what I am saying.  Though we missed service that morning, we went to a church picnic that afternoon.  It was awesome!  Got to meet many people and just fellowship w/ others in the sunshine was refreshing.  Poor Warren had to go to work the whole time as it was an outage weekend.  He got to catch the last few minutes though.  Took a few shots but not many as I was talking too much. LOL

Here's Nik going down the water slide.  He had such a fun time on that.  Kids of all ages went down.  Even some of our teens.  

There was even time for the kids to swing on the swingset.  

Alex being a spectator to the baseball game going on.  This is where  a great deal of the boys hung out...on the ball field.  

Max, getting ready to take his turn at bat.  It was such a hot afternoon...the upper 90's.  

Her brothers dared her to go on the slip & slide.  And, some encouraging people sitting w/ us as well.  She went down.  Came back soak & wet & caught her w/ this face.  Can't really slide down too well in jeans.  

I love how all the older boys there were willing to share the field w/ the younger ones and help out.  Great to see them working together on the ball field.  It's one of the reasons we attend this church now, the kids.  All the kids we've met thus far seem to be genuinely good kids.  Kind hearted.  

We had a really nice time getting to know others from the church and even met the pastor's parents who were visiting from another state.  It's just very refreshing to meet so many folks who come together to worship but in the meantime, also come together to be friends.  And, I do have to get to cooking much better to keep up with these picnics.  Amazing food! 

I wish I had a picture of all the yummy food there.  This is actually some leftovers that they gave us to take home.  You have no idea how handy that chicken came in this past week for school lunches.  Last week was just really rough on us and things never seemed to go as planned.  We all have those weeks.  Anyhow, having spare chicken to just throw in the lunchbox was great.  Plus, kids thought it was cool taking something other than a sandwich.  If you look in the background, you'll see a small picture w/ a fairy in it.  The light green is going to be the color of Alyona & her new sisters' room.  Light mint green kind of.  She wanted pink but since we'll try to sell in the spring, we have to go a little more neutral.  I told her accessories. 

Last week was crazy & this week is shaping up to be a little crazy too.  More on that later. 

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