Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adoption update

I know some on here are new to adoption so thought I'd share where we are in the process.  We are going to be adopting 3 children from Bulgaria, all special needs.  Right now, we have an approved homestudy for that.  Next step you have to do is work on getting I-800A approval.

Believe it or not, this is organized.  LOL.  All my kids have color coded folders for documents.  As soon as we know we're adopting, we get  a new folder color for each.  These folders are from all our previous adoptions.  Well, this set of documents was the I-800A forms that had to be filled out.  I wanted them gone the next morning as 1) they need to go out quickly & 2) I didn't want something on this set.  Keep in mind... peanut butter on passports, jelly on medicals, dog prints on some apostilled stuff.  I've become an expert at making it look "normal" again rather than having to redo it all.  So, to avoid what I knew we be a playdough disaster, I had to press on and finish it no matter how late it was.  Warren & I were looking through all folders that night.  Why?  Because on these wonderful new forms compared to the last time we adopted, you have to list ALL your previous adoption I-600A approvals.  The exact date.  URGHH!!!  I don't know how we pulled it off but we found all dates.  Filled them out and it was ready to go.  I got two different answers for a question # 3 from folks so we'll just see how that one turns out.  LOL.  For those that don't know, the I-800A for a married couple (2 sets of fingerprints) is $830 total.  Yes, it was overnighted.  Not that that means anything b/c first stop is a clearing house that is actually a bank in Texas.  But, I feel better knowing I do everything in my power to get things there in a timely manner.  So, now we wait to hear when our fingerprint appts. will be & then wait for approval.  Some folks going to Bulgaria have traveled on first trip w/out I-800A approval and some have not.  Keeping fingers crossed we can just go.  I know, wishful thinking.  But, hopeful nonetheless.  There was an official MOJ meeting on Sept. 10th.  I need to find out when the next MOJ meeting will be happening as that is the one that things "should" happen at in regards to our case.  

Our dossier is complete including approved FBI fingerprints.  I know it will still need to be translated which I hope doesn't take all that long.  We are at a point where pretty much everything is out of our hands & in control of someone else.  I can honestly say I absolutely HATE that feeling.  I'm one who likes to be in charge, in control of a situation.  But, as I tell PAP's, there are 3 rules to follow in adoption.  1)  Be flexible.  2)  You are NEVER in control.  & 3)  ALWAYS expect the unexpected.  You do that and you're fine.  I'm trying to practice what I preach but it is incredibly hard.  Being honest here.  Hard when you know children wait and they have to wait on paperwork.  I understand the importance of it, I do.  But, it does not make the wait any easier on us or the kids that wait for families.  Anyhow, that is where we stand right at the moment.  I'll update the adoption front as soon as I know more.  I do know we will most likely need to fund raise a bit here soon.  We have money set aside that was borrowed but don't feel it will be enough.  Have to get more details for sure.  A lot depends upon travel costs for sure.  That and some of the fees are in euros.  It keeps going up due to a weak dollar.  Keeping it all in perspective for sure.  I'm good at keeping costs down even during an international adoption.  I rented apartments in Moscow versus hotels.  Saved hundreds a night.  Got my own visas instead of going through an agency.  All gift donations were purchased throughout the year during sale times.  Never over pack.  Things like that.  Airfare though is something that is difficult to save on.  there are great fares out there but still anticipating tickets being between $1000 to $1500 a piece.  That would be around $3K needed on first trip to fly alone.  With the 3 kids & us coming home & possibly Irina flying w/ us on the second trip, it will be quite a chunk for airfare.  I've heard travel in country costs in Bulgaria aren't too bad.  Time will tell but with this type of adoption, you must prepare for costs.  I am really trying to do that now to make sure we have enough.  Always a fear for every adoption.  But, have faith as it always seems to work out in the end.  That's my brief update on adoption stuff.  Can't wait till I can give you all big news.  Now, that will be a very great day! 

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  1. My flights in November and March were $1,000/person and the one way for Elina was $1,200 on her way home. Apartments there were not that expensive... and comfortable. Be glad you don't have to fly to Europe in the Summer... it gets expensive! :)