Saturday, August 7, 2010

What did we do today?

Not much.  But, a few things.  Yana and I woke up and went to yardsales.  Bunch of great bargins out there & some cool stuff to boot!  

Not a great shot but you can see some things.  The kid in the background is Bojan folding towels.  On his own.  Still stuff on the floor but we'll work on that.  Even a watermelon.  Anyhow, there is a big hamper that we picked up at the yardsales.  Gigantic really and it will help w/ 5 boys sharing it.  Now, for those that don't know, Max loves to build, tinker, carve, etc.  Loves cars too and recently built a "garage" out of cardboard.  So, I found this wooden garage today w/ a deck above it & he was beyond thrilled.  I made Yana swear to me she would not tell Max it was from a dollhouse thing.  Can't tell on it's own.  She told him later & he gave it to Alyona to store her barbie car in.  URGHH!!!  Can't trust these kids w/ any bit of information.  

After yardsales, Warren & I went to Sam's for some food.  Much quicker w/out the kids and plus, we had left them watching a new movie at home... Diary of  A Wimpy Kid.  They said it was okay.  While we were away, Irina took a nap.

Horrible picture & she'd kill me if she saw it.  I didn't take it, Yana did.  Notice the bugs all around her?  Yana was trying to get revenge after Irina asked Yana kindly if she wanted a cupcake.  Yana of course said sure.  She bit into a coffee ground cupcake...YUCK!!!!  So, Yana has been trying to get revenge for awhile now.  Nothing has worked .....yet.  Give it time.  

Came home from Sam's and went to a friend's house to pick up snacks.

We received 5 boxes similar to this filled with all kinds of snacks.  This will come in super handy when school starts for sure.  BTW, those nutcrisps are awesome!  

The rest of the afternoon the kids spent doing a few different things...trampoline, swimming and bug collecting.  Yana went for a run.  

Bojan taking a break from swimming.  Not sure what all the bracelets are for.

Alex after a swim.  He looks a bit tired.  He swam hard and we had such a long week w/ VBS festivities.  

Yes, the grass is as bad as it looks. Hopefully, it will get mowed tomorrow.  Anyhow, this is Nik after swimming.  Goggles still on and looking for bugs and lizards of course.  I don't know what I'm going to do when winter comes & the bugs are sleeping.  My kids really do love being outdoors and so hard to keep them in more often in winter.  So, I let them soak up as much outdoor activity as possible.  

Ahh, our new place of peace is being put up.  Remember, the old hammock was on it's last leg.  So,, sold a few things we didn't use anymore and we purchased a new one.  this one was actually bigger than we first thought so had to tie it among two different trees.

This is Max's idea of helping.  

Yana is excited about the new hammock going up.  This is always a peaceful spot in the yard that all of us retreat to at some point during the day.  This is the view once you lay down:

Seriously just feels like you are floating in the air.  In the fall you see the leaves changing colors.  Just gorgeous and a true beauty of nature.

Warren, reaping the rewards of all his hard work today.  Even though it was kind of a lazy type of day, we still did get things accomplished.  Tomorrow we plan on going to church, having a lunch at the church and meeting some new folks and then maybe a little back to school shopping for the kids.  I was fortunate enough to get ALL the boys' clothes at yardsales today and they loved it.  So, only Irina needs pants and Yana needs a bunch of stuff as she grew much taller.  Don't know how, but she did.  Trouble is finding shorts that don't look like they should be considered underwear.  Tough to find.  Drives me bonkers.  We'll get there though.  

We'll also finish the yard tomorrow and clean the house.  And the poor dog.  Bear desperately needs a bath.  We are hoping to take the kids somewhere next weekend.  Let you know a little later in the week.  Got to go.  Still one kid to get a bath. 

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