Monday, August 16, 2010

A weekend in review

I do have quite a few pictures to share over the next few days.  For now, just catching up on the weekend happenings.  Friday, we decided to just veg out a bit at home.  No set schedule.  It was also that day that all of us were not in the museum kind of mood and would save that one for the fall.  So, early Saturday morning Alyona, Irina and I went to yardsales.  Fantastic finds w/ some fun sprinkled in there too.  Came home & fed everyone breakfast.  After that, we decided it would be a weekend of shopping.  I took the teens to a store & Warren took the other 4 to Walmart for a list of things we needed.  For those who don't know, Yana and I have battled for years over her clothes.  She likes to wear things that are way too inappropriate and well, we just don't let her.  Yet, last year  she would sneak things from friends to wear, change on the bus, etc.  Told her if she does it this year, she will be pulled out of school THAT day and homeschooled.  Her worst social nightmare.  LOL.  I mean it though, I do. 
Anyhow, she always graviates towards the worst clothes in the store no matter where we are.  I still said no.  Give her choices of what racks she can pick from.  Irina is easy.  She likes about anything yet is way too conservative for a 17yo for sure.  But, that is just fine w/ me.  Now, if Yana can just get even a smidgen of Irina's taste, it would be a miracle.  Anyhow, came home and settled everyone down a bit.  Since they were decent while shopping and no major incidents, we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner for a back to school treat.  This is where we went:

The kids love going here and frankly, the prices aren't too bad.  The kids love it b/c this is what they get to do:

Yep.  Shelling peanuts and throwing them on the floor.  Just the type of thing my kids need to learn.  LOL.  My kids kept digging down in the barrel so the lady filled it past the top for them.  If I'd let them, they could stand here for hours just eating peanuts.  

Time to sit down and let the goofing off begin.  Teens didn't do too badly.  Had to tell Irina (remember her... the oldest?) to not put water on the knife to see if it would roll off and make a mess.  Going out with FAS children is always an adventure.   It's like opening a cracker jack box.  You never know what surprise is in store for you.  

I guess Nik won at this game as he was playing tic tac toe all by himself.  Alyona played w/ me and I won one and she won one.  Something to entertain them.  

Of course, if bored do something you learned from your brothers.  Take an ice cube from the plate to the cup w/ just a straw.  Lovely, huh?

How can I have serious kids when their dad is making walrus teeth out of peanut shells?  Look quick b/c I'm sure he's going to delete this picture as soon as he sees it.  

Think they can have fun at a restaurant?  My oldest & youngest(so far) here.  Yes, from different parts of the world but yet we're still all one.  

Horrible picture of me as allergies are really taken their toll on me.  However, thought it only fair as Warren is going to kill me for that peanut picture.  LOL.  

We went home after the restaurant and then Warren & I took Nik to Walmart for a movie treat.  Brought a movie home for us all to watch (great $5 bin there folks) and a candy bar for each.  You'd think we were Santa Claus that night.  Went to bed and then up for church in the morning.   More about Sunday in another post.  Need to get things done around here first.  enjoy your day folks.  Only 9 days till school starts here!  Yikes!  

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