Monday, August 16, 2010

The weekend continued

Left off on Sunday morning.  Woke up and made sausage and pancakes for breakfast.  A friend of ours gave us a homemade jar of honey from their bees.

Doesn't the honey look delicious?!  They like the honey & I use it in tea.  However, though they like it, they decided they don't like it on pancakes and prefer cinnamon on it instead.  

Alex was a sport by trying pancakes w/ honey.  Bojan liked them and Max did but the rest of the kids did not.  Always have to try though.  

We went to church that morning.  Uneventful going there.  A bit of ants in the pants during service but nothing herendous.  However, on the way out, we picked them up from children's church.   Alex had peeled off the sole of his shoe during the time he was in there.  Then, he & Bojan decided to push & fight over who was going to retrieve the sole from out of the trash can.  Nice, huh. They go outside & physcialy push each other. URGHH!  I knock Alex up side the head to get him to stop b/c I knew where this was going w/ him.  Once he starts, Alex does not have an "off" button.  Told them they were both grounded & Bojan starts crying like an infant.  Great way to end a nice service.  Service was great, just kids were not on the way out.  

Went home and had some lunch.  Decided to leave 4 of the kids here watching a movie as they didn't want to go and we honestly didn't want them to go.  They had plenty of clothes.  Irina literally had NO pants, 2 pair of shorts and that's it.  Yana's were all too small.  She had 1 pair of jeans and a few shirts.  Definitely had to go before school started, which was just next week.  So, went to some outlet malls here w/ the girls. 

This is only a small portion of the shopping we did w/ Yana and Irina on Sunday afternoon.  We are fortunate enough to live in a place that has an outlet mall.  Great deals once tourist season is over which is about now.  Some stores were even 75% off everything!  It was incredible.  If I can pick up brand new clothing for the teens for just a couple dollars an item, not bad at all.  I even got $75 shoes for $10.  Better than Walmart.  LOL.  We all had a great time and Nik was fine.  Well, once he learned he could trigger the alarm and keep listening to it.  It would ding every time you'd go back and forth in the dressing room. He'd delight every time it went off.  Sales people thought it was cute yet I'm trying to teach him not to be an annoyance.  

Here's some results of what we got.  

This is more of the daughter I thought I'd have.  Some of you remember her history and why she wants to dress so inappropriately.  It was a tragedy what they do at the older kids' home in Russia.  So, was glad that she actually picked this out herself.  Yana was so excited she was modeling all different kinds of combos. 

Goofing around while Yana tries on clothes.  I know why the distilled water is on the floor but truly trying to figure out why Bugs Bunny cookie jar is down there too.  BTW, Irina is not happy that Bojan is as tall as she is now.  

Okay, ignore the socks.  She was afraid the dress made her look like "an old granny."  I assured her it most definitely did NOT.  She's getting there slowly but we are making progress for sure.  A relief as I hated the clothing confrontation all the time.  Yana is entering the 8th grade this year.  Her birthday is next month.  Time flies.  

Tried to catch you up a bit on the weekend.  I'll have more later this week.  Mostly, we shopped this weekend.  It needed to be done.  Did all I could at consignment shops and yardsales but the girls needed more in addition to that.  The outlet shops were a great way to do that.  Even Warren finally got rid of some ratty clothes.  Irina helped him with that and was proud of herself.  Irina calls Warren a "hoarder."  He hates to throw stuff out.  Hates it.  He put up w/ us making him declutter his closet and donate some items that were definitely no longer needed.  Looks great and I think we all are a bit more organized after this weekend.  Next weekend is a party that I'm hosting for some other special families in the area.  Can't wait to meet some of them.  And cleaning the house in time for the start of school.  No, there is no slowing down here.  LOL.  Got to go.  Irina goes to the dentist today and maybe Alyona.  Can't remember.  Enjoy your week.

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