Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Time for another addition of thoughtful Thursday.  For those new, it is where we find one thoughtful thing our children have done during the last week.  We feel with children with mental and behavioral issues that this is very important to do.

Nik-- Grabbed 6 cookies.  Was wondering why until I saw him give 3 to one of the littles.  'E' was excited about Nik's kindness.  Obviously.  What 2yo wouldn't be happy to get cookies.  LOL.  Just thought it was very thoughtful of Nik to think of someone else.

Alex-- Really was extra cautious in helping out Bojan when he was injured by Max in the pool by accident.

Bojan's face says it all.  But, Alex was asking if he could help get Bojan anything & truly showing compassion.  Again, rather hard for a child w/ RAD to do sometimes.  I was thankful Alex was thoughtful.  At the moment.  (later on, he & bojan got into it & Alex punched him in the gut saying sorry, sorry.  This was after Bojan had sat on his head.  Some days, I just don't get boys).

Alyona-- Been helping all week long with 'S.'  Really loves to help take care of her whenever she needs it.  Thoughtful indeed.

Bojan-- I looked over and Bojan was folding the laundry in the living room.  Wasn't even asked to do it, just was being nice.

Yana-- She offered to have Irina go walking with her when Irina was all distraught this week over her weight.  A very thoughtful gesture and it was demeaning in any way.  Just one sister helping another.  (trust me, a rarity w/ these two lately). 

Max--max has been helping fix little things around the house.  He backwashed the pool for me, started to mow the grass (though not finished yet), and just really anythign that was said, he'd get right on it and do it.  Some things would just be said out of the blue...this needs to be done or that and Max would start doing things w/out being asked to.  Just knew Warren & I had needed help this past week.  Thoughtful kid for sure.

Irina-- Knew dad had been working very, very late and went ahead and made him coffee for when he came home.  Also, Irina just left to go help her friend clean up her room.  thoughtful indeed.

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