Sunday, August 1, 2010

They must be fish

August is here & summer is slowly winding down.  Thought I'd share just a couple of pictures I found. 

Alyona & Nik enjoying a swim.  They could careless which one has pink goggles & which one has blue ones.  As it should be...just simple fun.  FAS children need a lot of physical activity every single day.  For us, the pool was just a very wise investment & partial therapy as well.

Irina and Max.  My two oldest.  Here, they are getting along.  Give them 10 minutes and they won't be anymore.  LOL.

No idea why Yana is standing this way & looking all tough.  She's not as tough as she may seem.  

All my kids love the water.  They must be part fish.  It's great b/c we live in the south and it is hot here most of the time.  So, to keep cool, we love our pool.  I do  laps as do Irina and Yana.   Our dream would be to get an inground but w/ the ground here, it is a tough thing to do.  So, maybe in a few years another pool may be in order.  But who knows.  Warren and I are trying to make future plans for the 12 of us as a family & see where the road leads us.  Tough decisions for sure.  Even if we move locally, it is a huge thing for our kids.  Moving counties though may be the best thing for all the kids though.  As they get older, the decisions seem to get tougher.  We just want our children to be able to reach their fullest potential possible.  Time will tell.  For now, enjoying the kids splashing in the water.

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