Friday, August 13, 2010

Stuffed, sloppy, & sleepy

Well, it's a Friday and I have just my kids here today which has been kind of nice as we've been able to prep the front boys' room for rearrangement.  Remember, we're moving all the boys to the front bedroom.  All 5 will be in there.  Yana and Irina will remain in their own rooms downstairs and then Alyona & her new sisters will be in what is currently Max & Bojan's room.  Phew.  So, moving around furniture, putting bunks together and getting rid of stuff.  Needed to be done anyhow.  Then, we have to repair all the damage done in Max & Bojan's room.  Trust me, there was plenty.  There is a huge hole in the wall along w/ many little holes.  Writing all over the place and a ruined heater.  don't even want to know what they did w/ that.  They lost the knobs to the closet doors too.  URGHH!!!  Bojan & Max are most definitely going to be helping in repairing that room & prepping for paint.  Alyona wanted pink but we'll do a more neutral color in case we have to sell in the spring.  We'll pink it up w/ bedding & accessories.  We've been working on this literally all day long.  Taking a break now to type a post & kids are watching the Wizzard of Oz.  All of them. 

The other day Alex came in for leftovers. 

I think Alex took in more than his stomach could handle.  he threw together rice & homemade marinara sauce.  Yuck.  But, he ate it.  Dining room table is the dumping ground for glasses before exiting to the pool.  Can you tell?  

Could not believe the generosity of one of our friends.  This mess was not only in the living room, but hallway and kitchen too!  Boys AND girls clothes.  Kids had so much fun trying them on and even called a friend over to try stuff on too.  With so many choices, they had a tough time deciding but did great.  Each got a pile of clothes and just in time for school.  It was awesome as clothes and shoes are so expensive for us.  It really helps immensely.  Thanks a billion Renee!!!  

In a bathing suit wrapped up in blankets.  You'd think common sense would say go change.  Umm, nope.  Alex is content just watching a show after a swim.  This weekend those mattresses & bunks in the dining room are being moved upstairs.  

Not much else happening here.  We decided to go to yardsales tomorrow morning.  Think Irina and I will go this time.  Yana went w/ me last weekend.  So many sales & we always have a great time w/ good finds.  Sometimes, we bring breakfast home for everyone.  Might have to be a donut day tomorrow morning.  After all that, we're planning on taking the kids to some of the free museums downtown.  Ice cream treat afterwards.  I'll have pictures for sure.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  They slip away way too fast.  We have only 2 more weekends before school starts.  Getting ready for it. 

So much happening next week.  2 big things.  We get to get Nik's surgery schedule and we get to go for Bojan's appointment to see about his legs and what surgeries are needed.  This is our second opinion.  We also have Max & Yana's open houses at school &they'll get their class schedules.  Irina and Alyona go to the dentist.  We'll be busy for sure.  Got to go.  More to clean up today. 

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