Sunday, August 1, 2010

A slow weekend

Sometimes, it is just nice to kickback.  Irina and Yana went w/ a friend to the beach on Friday and then spent the night at their house.  I spent the entire day organizing and reorganizing Max & Bojan's room.  It's essentially Oscar & Felix living together.  URGHH.  But, it was done.  Found all kinds of stuff in there.  We are making a list of what school clothes they'll need.  Fortunately, I live in an area where most of us trade.  Works out well for all of us.  That way, we only have to do a couple of fill ins.  So makign lists of everything the kids need.  Our plan is to go to the outlet mall next weekend.  We live only about 15 minutes from a huge outlet center which at some times of the year is filled w/ tourists.  Trust me, you can tell the tourists.  Not that the huge buses in the parking lot aren't a dead giveaway.  Anyhow, lots of variety and great for deals.

So yesterday Warren and I did some of our monthly shopping.  This time, Nik went with us.  Try to take someone a little different each time.  Alex went this morning w/ Warren to get a paper.  Usually, that means a trip to the coffee shop for coffee for Warren & a hot cocoa or soda for one of the kids.  Nik went w/ us yesterday to get our monthly bread supply at Big Lots.  Yes, instead of paying $2.79 a loaf, we pay $1.20.  Helps immensely as we use approximately 40 loaves a month.  Nik suckered us into buying him a toy phone.  It is so, so hard to say no when your son is going to every single noise toy in the aisle pushing buttons, getting a huge grin on his face, and saying he can hear it w/ sheer delight.  So, Elmo phone has been used a lot since yesterday.  Great thing is, he pretends to talk on it.  Priceless.  Before we headed to TJ Maxx, we stopped off at a local pizza place that sells by the slice.  Delicious on a rainy day for sure.  Warren spotted a carry-on bag for just $8.  I said we don't need anything quite yet.  He said but we will.   A small sign the adoption is becoming more "real" for him.  As some of you on here are well aware, it never really hits Warren we're adopting until we are standing in front of the orphanage.  He's just that way.  Has been since day one.  But this time is different.  He knows this is our last adoption ever (oh yes indeed it is!) & I think is more "in tune" with it this go around.  Keep in mind, our first agency almost didn't approve us w/ our first two kids b/c they thought Warren wasn't "into" it.  She told me this years later & we had a good laugh.  She said obviously, we(the agency) were wrong.  Umm, yes.  But, that is just who he is and how he is.  Doesn't say much.  Trust me though, he's into the kids, that's for sure.  He & Alex are out now I'm sure at the coffee shop.  Back to our day.  After we got what we needed from the store, it was back home where all the other kids had cleaned the entire house!  Yep, they sure did.  So, as a treat we decided to take everyone & their friend to the movies.  It is a family owned theater here that everyone calls the "cheap seats."  Costs $2.50 a person.  It's great.  We saw Shrek Forever and enjoyed it.  Came home, ate some late night salad and retired to bed.  Woke up today, and Warren made eggs w/ some fresh chives & basil from the garden.  Going to do a little shopping today & then the kids have VBS(vacation Bible school) tonight.  While they are there, Warren & I are going out to eat to a much needed night out.  Plus, have a giftcard for a local restaurant. Can't wait.

A slow weekend but a needed break from the normal hustle & bustle.  August is going to be very busy for us so keeping this weekend low key would be awesome.  We're doing some fixing up around the house and just organizing a lot.  Seeing what the kids have, what they need, what they don't need and sorting.  Helping immensely.  Hope your weekend is just as slow going.  It's nice to kickback w/ the kids in a theater on an impromptu movie night.  Altogether, just a nice, simple weekend.  I have many picture updates to do soon.  I'll get there. For now, nice to be lazy. 

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