Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School supplies

As every other parent in America, school supplies this time a year become top priority.  I do have a supply closet and we just stock up at yardsales and whenever we see a clearance rack on the  things we know we'll need.  this year though, our supply closet was low. Bummer.  But, we did have a few sales we went to and got a few things.

Can you guess who's room this is?  Yep, Irina's.  OCD right down to the stacks of pencils.  LOL.  But, it helps so I shouldn't complain. 

Now, remember I had a closet full of supplies.  We are reduced to just this many for now.  So, kids and I had to restock a bit.  Got a good start for sure.  Though most of this is all gone now.  

The lists over the past few years in this county got ridiculous.  We were buying tennis balls so the chairs wouldn't scratch the floor, candy, etc.  One year, most my kids had 2 pages, yes I said 2 pages of supply lists.  This year, it has finally come down to common sense of what they need and I'm so happy as I can buy just about everything they need.  Though one of the  teachers wants a $16 binder, everything else is reasonable.  And no, I can not pay that for a binder.  IMO, a binder is a binder.  It holds notebooks and that's what counts.  The other thing was that the high school & middle school want each of my kids to have a graphing calculator for class.  $80 a piece.  Sorry but $240 is out.  This is inclusion math and I know exactly where my kids are.  One could maybe, maybe understand how to use this calculator.  We have one at home and we can help them w/ it here.  I think the lists have gotten more reasonable than the previous years.  It helps many parents out in this economy and I for one have thanked the teachers for it. 

We have almost everything checked off on the supply lists.  A few binders missing but working on that part.  Last year we were given a gift card to Staples for back to school supplies and it was such a blessing for sure.  Lists aren't too bad this year.  

Kids are really excited finally about school.  Hope all goes well tomorrow.  Lots going on here and I will have another post.  We are at a point where we need a few prayers and good vibes our way.  Will explain in another post.  Just trying to get everyone sorted for school, lunches made, supplies put away, baths done, and rooms cleaned up.  We're almost there.  Many changes are happening and children with FAS do not tolerate change or transition at all well.  This happens every single year when school starts, when winter break comes along, when Easter break comes along and when school ends.  It is very difficult on FAS parents during these transition times.  Multiply that by 6.  We try to get back into routine quickly, have a sense of calm and do not over stimulate them by going places.  We are going to a farm and church this weekend but that will be it.  The little things help for sure.  Just know, we are ready for school tomorrow and can't wait for 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, & 10th grade this year!  Still in awe that I actually have 2 highschoolers.  Shoot, when did I get this old.  LOL.  (btw, my husband thinks I use the LOL phrase way too much.  I think I'm doing better at cutting back, don't you?).  So much more to say but need to get the kids finished up here.  It's 8  and 3 are due in bed. 

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