Friday, August 27, 2010

A river runs through it....

through our back yard that is!  For those new, we have a few issues with our home.  One, is flooding in the backyard.  This is not just a little flooding when it rains folks.  We have a river.  We have natural springs in our yard and our neighbor's yard, which dumps into our yard due to us setting lower.  Our yard is literally eroding.  we are trying to figure out a solution for it all.  We took a movie of it.  Not sure if it will work but you can see just how quickly the water is going through our yard.  Ignore the kids arguing in the background.  This was taken from the upstairs boys' room.

This happens even with a little bit of rain.  Hurricane season is rough.

This is where it runs after it leaves our yard.  The hole it is dumping into is maybe 6 or 7' deep I'm guessing.  Not sure.  Big.  It is undercutting our yard so not stable to stand on.

Computer trouble so everything I just wrote was erased.  Hate that.

This is what our drop off is draining into.  A creek that runs along the whole subdivision and empties into the duck pond. Yes, it starts at our yard.  This looks more like a river than a creek.  A raging river.  It was probably above my waist.  normally, it is just about 2 inches or so deep.  

when you walk to the edge of our property and look through the woods, this is the waterfalls you see.  Beautiful actually and much, much better in person.  But, gives you an idea.  This too drains into the creek.

A close-up picture of the waterfalls.  They go right around a tree.  Click on the picture and you can see it a bit better. 

In the background, you can see the waterfalls dumping into the creek.  Hard to tell from the picture but this is some serious water here.  Quite an issue for us too as it's eroding our property.  We lose land every time it rains.  

This really is quite a large amount of water for a short rain storm.  It's reeking havoc on our yard.  Flooding the yard, eroding it away and doing other damage.  Pretty but not wanted around here.  Working on ways to figure out how to fix it.

Our water issues do not end here.  The roof is leaking.  Badly.  We will have to replace the roof.  No doubt about it.  We tried to patch it but it didn't hold.  Well, 2 of the 3 patches held but now there are other issues too.  The roof is nearly 20 years old.  Just timing sucks.  Dishwasher is leaking too but hopefully can be fixed.  Warren and Max are taking it apart this weekend.  Mean time, trying to find a roofer.  

So, for now, we do NOT like water.  LOL.  Some good news... that piece of paperwork seems to have been found!  Another reference letter needed but that should be completed this weekend.  (that is 6 letters of reference for this homestudy)  First homestudy done, we needed two.  Times have changed.  Thankfully, we actually do get out of the house and have friends.  LOL.  We have awesome friends.  We really do.  Anyhow, I have a feeling things should be moving along very soon.  Wahoo!!!  You have no idea what a bright spot that is after this long week.

More to come on some things.  Can't wait till tomorrow.  Will share pictures of where we went and a link to it.  For now, need to get some sleep.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Best news is no rain due here for at least a week. 

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  1. We also have a creek in our backyard when it rains. The previous owners dug it out and lined it with timber (8X8?). It fills all the way up in the spring when the snow melts(waist to chest deep), but in the summer it can be totally dry. Maybe you could do something like that?