Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick update

Lots going on that I'm having to deal with but wanted to let everyone know that we finally have Nik's CI surgery scheduled.  It is October 13th for surgery.  Can't wait.  We also are going to Duke today to find out more about Bojan and what surgeries he will need and when.  Let you know more on that later.  We have decided to let Irina try school for a month at least.  I told her after a month, I can take her out if she doesn't like it.  Called the school twice and no one is returning my calls.  Called central office...nothing but passing the buck.  Lovely.   Keep in mind, these are not teachers that have tons of students.  This is just for the special needs section of kids.  Will escalate to the DPI on Friday if no one has called me back by then.  I called last week and this week to the high school.  Situation is serious folks!   In addition to that, want to make sure my other kids are okay this year too.  I have 3...Yana, Max and Bojan who are out of the special needs category.  Need to make sure they stay on track.  Max is worried about high school.  He does not do well in crowds. Bojan will be fine if he stops goofing off.  Yana will be fine if she's not sidetracked by boys--LOL. 

Got to run.  Been on the phone all morning w/ schools and hospitals.  Speech therapist will be here soon.  Getting school supplies organized as well as room for upcoming start of the school year.  Have a party this weekend which should be fun.  Trying to think of what we're doing for Yana's b-day in September.  More to come and more to tell for sure.  Enjoy your day.  It's sunny & gorgeous here today. 

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