Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outdoor happenings

thought I'd share a few pictures from this previous week.  As you all know, our kids live to be outside.  They love it.  And, today's trip is evident of it.  More about that in the next post!  Anyhow, I took some pictures one day last week and thought I'd share.

Alyona is driving a car.  This is one thing she will not be allowed to do when she gets older.  She has optic nerve hyplasia(ONH) and some other eye issues as well.  Though she has two eyes, only one really works & it's not the greatest working eye in the world.  We haven't told her yet when she gets older that she won't be able to drive.  For now, letting her enjoy her "driving."  

Yana, smiling for the camera.  No shoes.  Typical in this family.  

Alex, getting ready to show us some tricks he's learned.  He got this scooter as a birthday present from his grandparents.  Think he's put it to good use.

Nik wanted me to take a picture of him making a silly face so here it is.

Traffic jam.  LOL.  Scooters and skateboards oh my.  

I know, the picture looks like the house is tipping over.  Oh well.  Nik loves this truck as well.  No idea why the towel is hanging up front when our pool i sin the backyard.  

Alyona helping push one of the "littles" up the hill for a ride down.  They all absolutely LOVE doing this.  My garden carts take a beating every single year.  These two really do enjoy playing w/ each other and play well together.  Let's me know Alyona will indeed make a wonderful sister to her two new younger sisters.  

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of the kids.  I love seeing them outside.  

Tonight has been a l-o-n-g night.  Really has.  Bojan fell in the shower.  URGHH.  Someone took the mat I had down out.  You know, the mat that is there so he doesn't slip w/ the one leg.  Cut his stump up so now can't put on his leg. Bad enough the socket is now too small.  Frustrating.  In addition to that, Yana poisoned herself.  See, this is another FAS/ FAE thing we have to live w/ not knowing cause and effect.  Yana sprayed the entire room w/ ant poison while we were gone getting Max's meds refilled.  So accidentally got it in her mouth & breathed it in.  In addition to that, she has sun poison from earlier today.  It's not ER necessary.  But, will be an unpleasant night for her I'm sure.  Kids are still having a tough time w/ the school transition.  This is to be expected.  Happens every year.  Aside from the fall and the poison incident today, it was a wonderful day.  Tell more later.  Need to go.  More to come later about Peacehaven...where we went today.  Great place and much to share.  For now, just need to rest.  church tomorrow and some errand running. 

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